Double first

Lets start by saying this was more of a practice… It’s only 40 seconds long…
The day was around 36 degrees and totally muddy, these were the driest parts I found.
This is my first attempt at editing and at riding single track
Yes I editied out a UPD (not even a good one at that!) and the patch work is ugly and noticeable!

For a first attempt it’s quite good.

We all do that. :smiley: But I also like to keep some of my UPDs in my videos because it shows that what we are doing is not as easy as it looks. Moreover it is a bit more realistic because there is nobody out there who never falls while MUni - even Kris Holm falls :wink:
If you edit a part out of your video like this I recommend to use a fade between the two parts, that looks more natural.

After having seen some of your videos I am honored and inspired!

Well I got up and started walking to the camera, then decided to go back and mount and finish the ride, but the mud was so thick that I had to try mounting 4 times. And all that extra time would have probably upset a few viewers. And thanks for the tip, will have to play with transitions a bit more.