double devil stick record

This is a question for the jugglers amongst you.
I’m trying to find out what the endurance record for double devil sticking (using the x pattern i.e. not double propellors) is, as I want to have a go at breaking it.
I’ve looked through various juggling organisations on the web, but all the records seem to be pure juggling stuff.
I’ve also e-mailed some groups but haven’t got any usefull info yet.
I’m wondering if any of the jugglers here have got any ideas?
For those non jugglers who are wondering what I’m talking about I’ve attached a pic of me double sticking at Leeds convention.

Re: double devil stick record


Since you mention that you’ve checked juggling organizations, I’ll take the chance of recommending that you contact the folks at . At least one of their pages was updated as recently as Feb 2003.

Also, Todd Strong has written a book on the devil stick and has his own website, . I’ve had a few exchanges with him and have found him to be pleasant and helpful.

Personally I am incompetent with devil sticks, but hope you find what you are looking for and wish you luck breaking the record!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I had a Todd Strong devil stick book years ago when I was learning; didn’t know he had a site so cheers for that. I’ve had a quick look and sent an e-mail so hopefully he’ll know about any record.

Re: double devil stick record

have u had any luck taking the devil stick onto the uni?

I have, it’s great fun. It didn’t last very long as I don’t own any devil sticks, but I kept it going for a while.


I’ve always avoided combining juggly things with unicycling as I wanted to focus on using it for transport and Muni, but last week in a moment of boredom I found myself attempting club juggling while idleing. Also previously tried poi chains whilst riding forwards. Devil stick should be feasible, but I’m not going to do it as they snap too easily! (I’ve just had to buy yet another so I can keep practising the two stick stuff)

No sense in denying yourself. If you’re already spending some time juggling, juggling on the uni wouldn’t cut into your uni time anymore than the juggling already is

I guess I see juggling on a uni not as a way of practising unicycling and juggling at the same time, but as a totally different third activity.
I also wanted to avoid the aspects of juggling and unicycling that are to do with entertainment as I value the pure skill development aspects more.

and u dont regard juggling on a uni as a skill?!?

consider the improvement in your ability to remain on the uni while using your arms for something completely different (jugling, poi, devilstickin’) and not using them for balance
surely this increased balancability will only add to your muni’ing abilities?

but, to each his own
i just thought i’d ask


it would definately add to my muniing ability, but not as much as using the time to practice more direct muni stuff such as hill climbing, hopping etc.
I do regard uniing whilst juggling as a skill(and a difficult one at that!), when I used the term ‘pure skill development’ I meant learning something for the love of it, as opposed to learning something with one eye on its commercial entertainment possibilities.
Obviously, some people learn the traditional juggling/uni combinations as a pure skill thing, cos they like doing it; I guess at the moment I love doing the things seperate considerably more than doing them together.
To be honest, for the past two years I’ve developed a bit of resentment to traditional juggling stuff, partly cos of its emphasis on entertainment, but mainly cos of the attitude of many jugglers towards new skills like poi and Muni, which I have found to be a bit elitist and ill manered.
However, I’ve now come to terms with it and rekindled my interest in juggling; my original question about the double devil stick record is indicative of a commitment to develop a juggling skill that is quite rare, and one that I have neglected for the past few years. (please don’t bother suggesting that I try to learn double devil sticking whilst on a unicycle, although that would REALLY improve balance)