Double Crankflip, and a bloody lip.

I got a double crankflip, and I hit my face on my seat:).

Heres the video:

And on google videos:

Oh, and heres a video you might not have seen:

Thats awsome…Bloody lips suck:(


:thinking: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: how old are you


That’s pretty amazing. Nice job. It was funny how most of the video was you showing us the blood rather than you riding.

The ladies wont be happy about this one Bryan.

ive watched it a few times and i still can’t see how you possible cut your lip :thinking: did you hit it on the seat handle or something?

That was one Skeet crankflip little BRO!!!

and PS the comma in your thread tital was very unnessary.!!! HehehZZ

a double on a 20", eh? that child’s play. Get back to me when you land it on a 24" muni…

wow you have got some tire clearance issues

i think he has got a 24" wheel on a 26" frame.

hahaha, that was pretty awesome. that must have cained like sh*t.

Hah, its even worse. It’s a 20" cx wheel on a 26" frame. I bet stand up ww would realllly suck on that thing;)

ur almost as mean as my brother

That is child’s play… when he’s over 5 feet tall and can fit on a 24" unicycle, he’ll let you know.

wow that must of hurt. but it didnt seem that that u hit the seat too hard at all.
and boy was that a lot of blood lol but still u got it great job

And the ultra slow-mo version:

Ha, I was thinking ogre:)


How did you cut your lip? On your lower, front teeth?

Great vids though. Congrats on landing it!:smiley: