double chain giraffe uni-bike tricycle one yike ...sorry, got carried away - again

Hello people,

I kind of have a question regarding giraffe unicycles. The related story goes -

I was juggling in the park one day when this suit comes up to me and tells me
this guy is looking for jugglers for the Armidale Autumn Festival. So he gives
me this guy’s number and a few days later I call him and he tells me to come in
to say ‘hi’ and stuff and it eventuated that he wants me to ride a unicycle with
this other guy in the street parade. (The other unicyclists name is Anthony
someone. He lives in Oz and has frequent contact with some guy in America that
makes unicycles or something and he has one arm. Anybody know him?) And so I am
at this guys caryard, the guy that was looking for jugglers is a ‘typical’ used
car salesman, nothing like Lou Carpenter off neighbours, and he calls Anthony on
the phone and I talk to Anthony and I tell him I am interested in getting a
giraffe unicycle preferably a DM, and he says don’t go for the double chains
because they are hard to work with or something and alot of people that do have
double chains usually take one off. I will try and say this point a bit

He said something like it is hard to get the chains even - to make them hook up
exactly the same (these are not his words, but I don’t think this is making much
sense. I hope someone understands. :\ )

Does anybody know what I am talking about? Are the single chains better
than double chains? I think they are not because DMs have double chains and
DMs are good.

In confusion


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