DOTFMW (Down on the Farm Muni Weekend) Oct 8-10

Down on the Farm MUni Weekend (DOTFMW)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 8-10, 2010

What it is
A MUni and Trials event for all abilities. If you can ride, mount, hop a few times then this event is for you. If you have more uni skills, then this event is really for you. If the thought of some Trials or riding off road sounds like a good time, then gas up the tractor and head on over. We here at the DOTFMW headquarters will make sure your tractor gets VIP treatment and a picture with the picture of the Ibex on our barn.

What it isn’t
A tractor pull (although, if enough tractors show up, we could slip that event into the schedule at 4 AM)

What if I don’t like competitions?
While some people prepare for many years to attend DOTFMW, there are others that just do it for fun. It is a good way to try new obstacles and see the improvement. It is up to you to decide how serious to make the competition.

Special Guest: Beau Hoover
The DOTFMW Board of Directors are excited to announce Beau Hoover as the special guest for the fall DOTFMW. The decision was was a tough one for the Directors at their retreat at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, but after days of deliberation, Beau was picked as the top choice. While typically the special guest invitation is delivered by tractor, it was a bit harder as Beau was on a unicycle tour in Mongolia. Luckily, one of the DOTFMW franchises in Mongolia was able to help deliver the good news to Beau, Mongolian style.

The schedule:
Friday, October 8
3 PM DOTFMW gates are open
3 PM Setting up the course. Will work until it gets dark.
6 PM Beau Hoover arrives
8 PM Workshop: “Flat Skills” for both Beginners and Advanced
9 PM Workshop: “Ask Beau”. Think of questions to ask Beau
Saturday, October 9
10 AM Workshop: MUni for Beginners
11 AM Workshop: MUni for Advanced
12 AM Trials/MUni Competition starts (don’t be late)
4 PM Trials/MUni Competition ends (help clean up the obstacles)
5 PM Street/Flat Competition (Battle style)
6 PM Award Ceremonies
6:30 PM Depending on weather, going swimming
8 PM Bonfire
Sunday, October 10
10 AM Workshop: “Disc Golf” by Beau
More riding
One last competition
Help clean up
Early afternoon – time to head home so we have time to hose down the course

DOTFMW T-shirts
Back by popular demand, the custom made DOTFMW t-shirts will be available. We will have the stencils and the spray paint. You need to bring a t-shirt, sweat shirt, suit coat, prom dress, etc.

Rain or Shine?
DOTFMW will go on whether it is sunny, rainy, snowy, sleety . . . you get the picture. As we did get some rain at the spring DOTFMW, we have put our resident meteorologist on notice and if she doesn’t shape up and make sure we have a nice weekend we are going to send her back to tractor maintenance school.

Sleeping in the barn, tent, house, or even under a tractor
As DOTFMW is a weekend event there are several options for accommodations on Friday and Saturday night. Some options are the barn (roof over your head), tenting (bring a tent), house (limited space available), home stays (we can set you up), or finding a local bridge. We have heard there are local hotels that have special tractor parking (ask us for details). While there are limited showering facilities, the local pond works great for cleaning up after a hard day’s riding.

By popular demand, it is potluck once again for Saturday. Bring food to share. Staying overnight? Bring extra food for breakfast.

What to bring
Unicycle. Tractor. Protective gear (make sure you include a helmet). Change of clothes. Food. If you are planning on staying overnight make sure you bring a warm sleeping bag (it will be cold at night), pad (ground can be hard), pillow, tent (if you are going to sleep outdoors), warm clothes, and a camera for a photo with our giant rooster.

ps. Sorry about the late notice.

Looks like a lot of fun.

I am probably going to stick around here but if I get bored I might do another road trip this fall. The one I just got back from was a bit short.

I’m sure we could find you a place to stay and some more riding, if you want to stay a little either before or after the event.

I am finishing some training for my summer job right now and need to phone the guy I am supposed to be working with this winter making sure I still have a job before deciding to leave on another trip. I would be perfectly happy traveling around till mid November if I can.

I will let you guys know if I am going down some time next week after I make some phone calls.

People aren’t answering the phone but eh, who needs job security. I am heading down and just hopping that I have a job this winter.

See y’all at the tractor pull.