Dotek Cranks - got comments?

I am considering a trials uni or a 28" cruiser.

Does anyone have any experience with the Dotek 140mm cranks for trials or even 170mm for Muni?

I am surprised there hasn’t been anything on them or maybe I just missed it.

I put the Dotek 140’s on my 24 inch road uni last week. As I mentioned in a post on the regular forum, the high Q factor is noticeable when looking at these cranks.

They appear to ‘flare out’ slightly from the hub or, in other words, your ankles are farther apart when pedaling then with cranks that are more parallel to the frame. The cranks are light and appear to be pretty strong.

So far I don’t think the change in Q factor has affected my riding though it is a bonus that my Roach legs don’t rub the frame at the inside of the knee box as much now that my feet are a little farther away from the frame.

The cranks make a world of difference on the hills. Both up and down is so much less effort with the 140’s as compared to the 127’s that I had on the uni previously. It is kind of just like riding up a hill on a mtn bike with appropriate gearing… slow but not much of a struggle. So far I haven’t really been able to spin on the flats as I can with the shorter cranks but I think that is to be expected.

My commute route is pretty hilly and I think these longer cranks will make the ride easier overall.

I think 140’s on a 24 inch all round commuter uni are probably going to be a good thing.


I’ve been wondering about the Doteks too. How much do they actually flare out? Can I get a measurement from the outside of where it attaches to the hub and the outside of where it attaches to the pedal? By pretty strong do you mean: able to take 4 foot drops or good enough for 2?


Nick, I’m not sure about the strength of the Dotek 140’s that I have on my 24 inch freestyle commuter uni. I ride mostly distance on this uni and usually do no more that ride off of a curb or try hop onto a curb. So no drops to test these cranks as of yet.


Stripped them out at the pedal on a set used by Blueshift… seem a bit soft.


I switched from Monty 140s to the Doteks on my Coker a few weeks ago - just to try them out. The Q factor seems about the same, but the Montys would never get completely tight - one of them seemed to always be a slight bit loose no matter how tight I cranked them down. Seems like the taper just doesn’t quite match.

The Doteks may look like cheapos, but they seem to work perfectly. I only have 50 miles on them, and no offroad, but for road riding anyway, they seem bombproof (certainly far superior to Lascos).

Anyway, for the price, I doubt there’s anything half as good as the Doteks.


See my review of Dotek 140mm cranks.