Dose Anyone have msn?

scar (_) head187 (at) hotmail (.) com

gendibbles at hotmail dot com

as obvious, I don’t care about spam.

look down way down past the awsome robot



Very sweet idea, nothing like chattin it up with a unicyclist in real time flowmasta777 at hotmail dot com

uniphil at gmail dot com

cb_eric22 (at) h0tmail (d0t) c0m

bcl361(@) hotmail .com

hey, it’s always nice to talk to fellow riders. I’m out here alone, in any city I’m currently living in/going to school in. Okay, there’s one other rider I know of, and he’s ten, and rarely rides.

it’s luc (underscore) e (underscore) uni (at) hotmail (dot0 com


You should all add me! I don’t feel like adding you all, but I will add you when you IM me.

flightrisk (at) excite (dot) com

You can add me at

Loose (underscore) moose (underscore) pie (at) h0tm4i1 (dot) com.

Always looking for people to chat to, and UK peeps to meet up with. - its a pain to type in a lot, but hey its funny.

darchibald_4 (@)