Dose Anyone have msn?

This is just a thread I made to get peoples msn. Fell free to take them off my thread, because I really don’t care because this is just a stupid thread. But leave your msn. Mines

david if you read this please go on msn

sweet I can add the obie again so he can be mean to me lol
dont worry oie I wouldnt do that, some people are just not meant to get along

Add me, I always like talking to fellow unicyclists

Keep in mind that the posts in this forum also end up on Usenet in The posts here are also indexed by Google and Yahoo and probably other search engines. Posting a full email address here with the @ sign and all could get your address on a few spam lists. There are bots that roam Usenet looking for email address. If you’re going to post an email address in the forum here it is better to doctor it up a little bit so it doesn’t look like an email address to a bot. You could doctor up the email address with something like foo (at) example (dot) com or something similar.

Yes, I realize that, but I don’t mind that account being spammed. :smiley: Thanks for the reminder though!

Dylan_Wallinger (at) hotmail (dot) com

your crazy and i see a new address in your future.

That is why I used my Mother-in-law’s email address.

send (underscore) me (underscore) a (underscore) tomsey (at) hotmail (dot) com Im on every night.

maestro8 (all up in) hotmail (d0t) c0m (fo’ shizzle)