Doritos - Street and Flatland - Sam Thomas

Hi everyone,

I havent made a proper video in a loong long time so this footage is from the last year or more. Finally got the finishing touches filmed and edited… got pushed along a bit by my newly found sponsorship :slight_smile:


Cool video, I liked the editing and the go pro shots looked awesome.

Oh how I have missed your riding. So clean, and it’s unique. Great video

That was great! Your riding is so smooth, I loved all of the street lines! Congratulations on the sponsorship too!

Thanks guys :slight_smile: glad you enjoyed it. Street is the best :stuck_out_tongue:

DOOOOOD that was pretty dank! The lines were amazing, they were techy and flowy. I liked it a lot!
You should make more videos :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say you are one of the cleanest riders out there;)
You could have shorten the video a bit, because 7:30 was a bit to long :roll_eyes: but i liked all your creative stuff (:

If a gal can’t put up with your unicycle addiction then they’re not worth it :P.

My fave was the line at 3:45!!! That was as clean as!!! The whole video was clean as, loved all the one rev lines.

Diiiiiiiiiiiiirty neeeeeedlezzz :smiley:

Thanks man :slight_smile: I intend to make more videos! I have two others that are mostly finished. One with Luke Collalto and one with Connor Hale!

Rise Against sure are awesome! :slight_smile:

Cheers im glad you like it :slight_smile: I didnt expect it to end up this long…i was thinking i only had about 3 - 4 minutes of footage. I was going to cut a few things out but i thought meh, i like watching longer unicycle videos so maybe other people do :wink:

ahaha thanks chris, she puts up with. :slight_smile: i even put the purple machine back together for her to ride. (not that she does much) dont worry i wont be stopping unicycling any time soon :sunglasses:

I knew someone would like the Shifty flip :slight_smile: was stoked to learn those sex change fakie flips to seat in too!

Small clean tech street FTW…

The lines had flow! You did many cool tricks in every line, and didn´t use a lot of unnecessary revs to prepare for the next trick, really enjoyable!

Thanks josef :slight_smile:

Great vid…Awesome skillz…Loved the grind…Wanted to see more of those…

it’s awesome videos like yours that got me into this sport, please don’t ever stop.:wink:

Thanks man :slight_smile: I’m endeavouring to get some more grind/other pedal, crank action on film for my next video.

cheers, its comments like yours that make me want to keep on riding and filming :slight_smile:

Dont need to hear about your private life chris!

very nice vid man, really smooth lines where the tricks just flowed into each other. glad to see Aus riders are still riding strong,

Thanks Dan :slight_smile: there needs to be more AUS riders making videos!