Don't use a sword in a gun fight!

we got hit by a NorEaster yesterday, and since I took the day off, decided to ride my muni. bad weather, work, and other committments, as well as vacations, made me lazy and haven’t been riding much as of late, and therefore gained back a bit of weight. this made me decide to go and ride.

I looked outside the window and seem like we didn’t get too much snow, possibly about 4-6 inches. decided to take both fatties, just in case.

got to the trails, and decided to take the URC 24 fattie. I noticed that the trail was all heavy, slushy snow and ice. after about a mile of riding, I was getting tired of just trying to balance myself, and decided to take out the big guns…the Nimbus Hatchet…

the URC 24 fattie has 24x4" Chao Yang Big Daddy, but has a narrower profile rim at 47mm, making its footprint just a bit wider than 3" I have on my KH27.5 and was ok, but the Hatchet is like a sanitation department snow plow…right thru everything I put it through. I didn’t think too much of the Hatchet in the dry trail; I thought it was too much work, but now I know where it excels, making the ride a bit more enjoyable…exhausted, but I really had a good time riding it.

Hey, what length cranks you got on that hatchet?
I’ve got a URC 24 fattie also with 140’s. For off roading, I think this is the best setup. I’d be afraid of loosing too much torque with a bigger tire. I assume your 27.5 is about a 30" dia?

I have the VCX 150…the 170 it came with was a bit harder to manage. The bigger tire does float better. Nothing like the right tool for the job

I actually saw your post on the Surly Conundrum 24 thread regarding the URC, and decided to give it a shot. I wanted a 24 fattie, but the Surly is hard to find. The URC 24 fattie is actually pretty good, tho I think I’ll be changing from 140 to 150, the same length that I use on my Nimbus 24.

Never measured the 27.4, but diameter looks almost the same as the Hatchet. Somehow, 27.5 is not getting a lot of riding, but will soon put it in the rotation .

Where were you riding there?

That’s in Huber Woods in Central NJ…I alternate with Hartshorne Woods, depending on how I feel when I wake up in the morning.