Don't try this at home...or anywhere for that matter!

I made one more visit to the beach for my final attempt at the nearly 7 foot drop on my 36er. NOT RECOMMENDED HAHA! :astonished: Biggestbtc had suggested that I try laying some cardboard on the sand to give a more solid landing surface. The cardboard didn’t work as I’d hoped, and just made the impact much harder. After the first failed attempt I added more layers and so it was then about 5-6 layers thick.

Bent the right crank bad on the second attempt, but I almost stuck the landing enough to stay on for a second. Oh well, it was a fun and wild experiment. Don’t try this at home kids! From here out I’ll stick with riding my 36er on tera firma…or maybe a little XC. :o

(I had posted the vimeo version of this video in my other thread, but I don’t think many ppl knew about it since it was buried at the bottom of that thread, so I made this thread since it’s a separate video any way.)

Too bad the cardboard didn’t work…I was thinking of something that would be lighter than carrying a plank.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, a wood ramp would work, as it did when I landed my first sizable coker drop almost 2 years ago. :smiley: