Don't shoot the Unicyclist!

It’s a good thing he wasn’t wearing his reindeer antlers!

Well there’s a story to tell the grand kids


makes me wonder how many cross-hairs i ride though in a day?

U-Turn and I went to Arcadia Management Area in Rhode Island once without thinking about hunting season, when we got there we were chagrined to see the “If you go in here, you MUST were 20 square inches of bright orange” warning sign and had to go to plan “B”. :frowning: :astonished: Both of us would have provided orange if we’d been thinking about it.
I’m glad we saw the sign and lived to tell the tale.:smiley:

Gee it’s a good thing he ticketed the Unicyclist, I’m sure that made everyone safer… and I’m also glad he got back in the “good graces” of the hunters; a man doesn’t want to be in the “bad graces” of people with rifles who can’t tell the difference between a deer and a unicycle… p.s. isn’t Shelbyville next to Springfield (where Homer,Bart, etc live on “The Simpsons?”)…

MUNIYETI yes Shelbyville is next to springfield on the simpsons.

I was hoping to get a Muni ride in the Tillamook State Forest over Christmas but the weather was to unpredictable. That very thought crossed my mind too as I was considering where to ride.

“Did ya get your Elk?” is a pretty common conversation openner out there.

Sendhair, good to see you come out of lurk. I was afraid 2003 would be the last we hear from you. Now if we ever hear from Glutes again…

It may not make everyone safer, but it will make him safer. I am sure he wouldn’t have been riding there if he had known people were hunting. A guy could get hurt doing that. Getting tickets does suck though. I really try to avoid them.

OK, who here is in the Indianapolis Indiana area? Come on. Fess up.

Indiana MUni-cyclist Greg “Mule” Deere.

It was interesting how the article failed to mention the rider’s name. Perhaps he was a minor. But Indiana has plenty of unicyclists, and, like most unicyclists, he may not know or care about us.

But he should consider himself lucky, even though he ended up with a ticket. That’s better than having your antlers shot off!


That there!

Right there!

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

The prototypical deathwishing MUni-ist that is!

Shootin’ at unicycles…

I was shot at by a paint-ball gun…in Indianapolis. Indiana must have it out for things flying through the forrest on one wheel.

Fierce Trim you realize that thread was made in 2003 right?

The majority of hunters are very careful. It’s still an issue to have someone wandering through the area.

One, it was a management hunt; having a pedestrian wander through the woods alerting game is counterproductive to that. Management meaning in essence that because they don’t have a bunch of wolves and bears and such wandering in a public area, they need to use humans for the population control carnivores, and have done counts so that they have a pretty good idea of what exactly is needed in that regard. People muni-ing through, presumably pretty noticably, tend to get the deer and such to hide, so they might have to set up more of a hunt if the numbers they get out are too low.

Two, it’s another person wandering around to potentially be an accidental target for the few less competent hunters that everyone knows must exist.

Three, the guy wasn’t paying the entrance fee that they use to maintain the place anyways. Parks and things don’t magically appear, they have to be maintained and defend themself against every developer who looks greedily at all the “unused space”. If it has an entrance fee, pay it, yeesh.

ya know I know some people dont like unicyclists but thats little to far if you ask me

I am glad this thread has been revived. I am going to download that picture of Greg and use it for a Christmas Tree ornament, or dangle it from my rear view mirror.:smiley:

Oh ah.