dont read this if u take strong to different races(not racist)


My favourite bit from that interview…

I did that once it was so funny the whi;e I was hanging on the hoop me friend got my uni and i sucided back on very cool

this is one of the most sensible posts i’ve seen on the subject.

i’m hopping about 2’ now

hear hear

Yo, that is sick with the five set. I say stuff like that a lot. As far as I know i’m not racist but we don’t have any other race living in this town other than whites. (Mandan ND, all hicks, muhaha) But yeah. I’ve never seen, heard of, or anythign liek that about any african american riding unicycle. But i’m curious if any actually rip other than casual ride. Casual riders don’t really interest me cause i’m fixing to make this sport as popular as skating (if possible of course) and i’m sorry if that offenends anyone, but you can’t stop the young guns. If someone was to make fun of me for being white, a.k.a. cracker, I’ld just laugh. If your life is so bad that somethign like the offends you, you should look not at the person that said it, but look to what is making your life bad, being the reason you’re offended, and fix it. laters

Shaun J.

i’m black

i’m a black unicyclist and i don’t thini its rscist at all, but i’m not the best buti 'm alright. this makes me feel so special!! b/c i’m the kid unijesse was talking about

The group you are talking about is the King Charles Troops. They used to be with the Ringling Brothers Circus and now they have two groups - one performing at a hotel in Vegas and another on the East Coast that now performs for some other circus, I believe.

When I was 12 years old my parents brought me to see the Ringling Bros Circus at Madison Square Garden. I had already been riding for several years, so when I saw the King Charles Troops perform, I told my parents I wanted to join their group. They thooght I was crazy, but during intermission I went backstage and found someone from their group and asked him if I could join up. He asked me how long I’ve been riding and then told me I could join the King Charles Troops training group if he had my parents’ permission. I brought this nice fellow over to our seats to meet my parents and my parents agreed that I could train with them. For two years I trained with the King Charles Troops backstage at Madison Square Garden (during the Summer) and had the time of my life! They made us ride up and down the ramps where they brought the animals in (in order to build our endurance). It was an incredible experience. One time I was standing by the entrance to the ring, and a performer saved my life by pushing me out of the way from the herd of elephants that were about to enter the ring (and would have trampled me)!

By the way, my friend (who I taught to ride and invited to train with me at the Circus) and I were the only white kids in the group… which I thought was pretty cool! Many of the members of the King Charles Troops were from the Bronx. Apparently there were (and maybe still are) quite a lot of unicycle riders in the Bronx (many of whom were/are black). I am stopped by black people while riding in NYC fairly often and many of them know how to ride. We have several black members of the New York Unicycling Club, several of whom are incredible riders. So… there are a LOT of black riders… I guess most of them aren’t on the forum (or perhaps they just aren’t too active on the forum).

yo shaun- i look up to you in terms of your techical ability and style, and i think to some extent you’re right. i mean i like to see people ripping sick tricks all over the place whatever colour their skin and i guess it’s kind of obvious (though i didn’t really notice until this thread) that the majority of street stylists i’ve seen through these forums are white and middle class.

i’m not afraid to try and fill the gap- people may call me big-headed if they like, but as long my riding improves as my head expands and i can do stuff to fit it i don’t really give a **** what they call me.

nevertheless there is still in some places not only name calling and discrimination on that level; not only glass ceilings in the corporate world and workplace (for women and other social groups) but physical violence based upon a person’s colour which i am not proud to admit i have been a victim of. especially as i live in the uk which is a moderately free and comparatively liberal society.

however i can’t afford to take the attitude that i don’t get what i want because i’m not white- i’m at the stage where i feel that if i work hard enough at succeeding in my chosen field it’s reward in itself.

i hope i can still say that if i fall on hard times- that’s character.

i suppose what i dislike about this thread is its tendancy to pigeon-hole. i know that there are black people who are a**holes and there are white people who are the same and there are also yellow people who are just the same. i’d like to think i’d get judged on my ability, my demeanour, my humour, my character and a whole host of other things that are more than just skin deep.

just as i try to judge everyone else when i need to make a judgement about them.

anyway thats what i think for now- i wanna spend more time on perfecting unispins before the BUC.:smiley:

if thats not racist nothing is

He is black, read the post above yours.


ya i just realized that id like o apoligize publicly

Re: dont read this if u take strong to different races(not racist)

On Wed, 10 May 2006 14:14:09 -0500, HardcoreCokerRider wrote:

>For two years I trained with the King Charles Troops backstage at
>Madison Square Garden (during the Summer) and had the time of my life!


4 things in this interesting post:

  • The modern paranoid fear of expressing an opinion in case it is deemed politically incorrect. This is one of the weaknesses of our society, as there are some real cultural, economic (and, yes, religious) issues where it is sometimes appropriate to stand up for your own group's values, rather than assume that the other group has some sort of monopoly on correctness.
  • A very strange thing to say: why say that that is how a white man rides a unicycle? Unless it is a reference to a famous comedic catch phrase that I have missed because I'm a middle aged white Englishman with no TV, of course. :o It implies a mildly racist attitude, but I doubt many non-whites would find it particularly offensive.
  • A genuine question about the demography of our sport. My gut feeling is that unicycling is predominantly a white middle class sport in the west. I could be wrong. Interestingly, my two other sports are noticeably predominantly white: Morris dancing and fencing. Morris dancing is a traditional English cultural activity so it is perhaps unsuprising that it is primarily white. Fencing: I fought a black fencer the other week - only the second I've fought in 3 1/2 years. the fact that I know that number says something that probably isn't good.
  • Finally, a wish to have a view validated by the group as a whole.

I’d like to know too…

Since I have a few more mountain bikes than I can ride at once, I took a couple non-white friends mountain biking because they wanted to try. Being their first time, I took them to what I considered the most fun trail nearby with the least amount of nasty steep climbing. The route is basically up a gentle fire road and then down a twisty swooping single track through the trees. Afterwards, their general reaction was: “That’s some crazy white man $#@%! I’m never risking my life like that again.”

So, is being able to jump down the stairs supposed to be a point of pride or a sign of insanity, and what does that have to do with the color of one’s skin?

Although it may be true that there are fewer black people than white people who participate in unicycling and fencing… you wouldn’t necessarily know it if you live here in NYC… and the participants definitely aren’t all middle-class in this neck of the woods.

When I was actively fencing at the NY Fencing club and competing against other clubs there were probably an equal number of black and white fencers. I had the privilige of fencing against two black fencers (Michael Lofton and Peter Westbrook) at the club that had competed in the Olympics and at least one of them (Peter) had won a medal (both of them kicked my ass in an incredibly short timeframe, of course)! Peter Westbrook later founded the Peter Westbrook Foundation (, which is a not-for-profit organization that utilizes the sport of fencing as a vehicle to develop life skills in young people from underserved communities. He is an incredible individual that has done tremendous things for the community and for the sport of fencing. The concept of his non-profit organization would probably work equally as well with unicycling… what a great idea!

Regarding unicycling, there are many black riders in the NYC metropolitan area. The Bronx was at one time a breeding ground for unicyclists and the majority of the King Charles Troops were from the Bronx. There may still be a lot of riders in the Bronx. When I’m riding through the City, a greater number of people that stop me and know how to ride are black.

…So it seems it much depends upon where you live.

I’d tend to agree with you about the Morris dancing, though!

so much for no racist comments though! geez!

If you read the thread again, you may revise this opinion. It was bold irony.

[COLOR=“Blue”]For two years I trained with the King Charles Troops backstage at Madison Square Garden (during the Summer) and had the time of my life!

That is awesome!!! I posted once before on one of the “race based” threads. I grew up in LA and a bunch of us black kids learned to ride early. We rode our unis down to where the Ringling Brothers circus was performing and rode right past the guards into the area where the King Charles guys were practicing. What a rush! We got to hang out together and trade tricks for an hour or so. I cannot imagine how great it was to spend two entire summers with them. Bravo! Anyway, we are older now but a few of us still ride. More importantly we teach the kids in our lives to carry on the “tradition”. But certainly, the black riders are probably concentrated in NY and LA.

its just a form of sarcasm… i guess i just dont get affended as easily as everyone else but who cares about skin color? NOT ME