dont read this if u take strong to different races(not racist)

yea not really to be racist but when i was riding i hoped a 5 stair my by my local walmart and then i said “yea!, thats how a white man rides a unicycle!”

and i was wondering if there are any black unicyclists…


just wondering

Sounds pretty racist to me. What difference should it make if any black people ride unicycle?

Theres at least a couple. One guy used to post a fair bit and a girl posted once in a similar thread (search). There’s also a club somewhere that seems to have a lot of black members. Plus there’s likely a whole bunch more who just don’t bother to post or don’t know about the community. I have a friend who tried once but to no avail.

Not every comment made about race is racist.


thank u i dont find it racist at all but some people are just like so if i did offend anyone …sorry to u

but yea ive never heard of one and yea so uh… no more posting on this one im done

i dont know where it is… but there was once a link to this website about a bunch of preformers… all oh which who were black… who would ride the unicycles and do like globetrotters basketball stuff. thed jump off theirs unis and dunk it and sdtuff… it was realy cool


sweet and evan wilson u dont evan need to post saying thats pretty racist the title said dont read if u take strong to different races so yea… jst no and thank u unitik i will look for that

Linkage there.


That same 5 stair I hopped? its an easy one =p

Anyways, I thought you didnt want to do anything too big, cause of your cranks? but if your hopping heights like that, you gotta try the line I saw at starbucks =p

i unicycle and i listen to rap. does that count

wow, looking back on my last post it looked pretty racist, im sorry

I know that there’s several black riders in Memphis, they’re good riders too. I wonder why there aren’t more like them. :thinking:

I live at a boarding college with like 150 Aboriginal kids, and all of the ones that try to learn to unicycle pick it up in a couple of hours! The majority of them are heaps better at learning to unicycle than most people.

Just for the record, racism consists of negative, irrational expressions (often generalizations) directed towards a specific race.

So far there has not been one remark in this entire thread that has been negative, and irrationality/rationality just doesn’t apply. I have a whole bag of examples that most people would confuse as racism, but i’ll reserve them, unless someone asks for some.

Mike, you have no need to defend yourself, be it in your original post or any of your responses. Anyone’s negative criticism of you in this regard is only reflective of his misunderstanding either of what you said or what racism is, and has no reflection on you. Ignore them.

Now, back to a unicycling topic…

For anyone reading this thread who is really wondering – Yes, people of every known people-color can ride unicycles; some way better than you think. Same for every major religion, culture, sexual orientation, etc. None of which are a factor in how good you can be.

You identified yourself by color. Some will see it as racist, even if you didn’t mean it that way. Ask yourself, why by your color? Do you mean to say a person of a different color would do it differently? That they can’t do it as well as you, or that you shouldn’t be able to do it as well as them?

how is that racist thats like asking if there r any japanese unicyclist

It’s still a dumb question to ask. It doesn’t matter.

i know a black kidwho unicycles

Don’t know about the racism or lack of, but that thread title is definately sentance-ist.:smiley:

I don’t consider it racist, quite. But some people will. I’d be interested to hear his answers to my “why” questions above. Asking if there are any Japanese unicyclists is not racist at all, as it doesn’t say "this is how a yellow man does it, or imply color affects riding ability.

For those that didn’t know, there are more Japanese unicyclists than the rest of us put together.

Didn’t Pete Tosh ride?

But on the whole, people of colour are too stupid to ride.