Don't Miss The Next Long Island Greenbelt Muni Ride 6/04/05

Please join us for another awesome Muni ride thru the Long Island Greenbelt trails.

Date: June 4th(Saturday)
Time: 10:30am
Place: 36 Long Ridge Road, Plainview N.Y. 11803
Contact: or (516)702-9807

Bagels, Juice, Coffee and More will be served before and after the ride.

The Long Island Greenbelt Trails are top rated among mountain bike riders. There is an enormous amount of different terrain to choose from, flat packed dirt trails to loose gravel, Embedded rocks, roots, stumps, drop offs, great hill climbs, down hills and everything in-between.

Riding For Beginners to Pro’s
Fun For Everyone

Our last ride the age range was from 7 to 53 years old. No one was disappointed.
To my surprise David Jones showed up. David was the president of the Long Island Unicycle Club back in the 80’s along with John Foss who has brought unicycling to where it is now. Now David has rediscovered unicycling all over again and is back in action. Lets get Long Island and the Tri-State area “On One Wheel“, along with the help from Dave Stone and the NY Unicycle Club who has done a great job growing the Unicycle community in the tri-state area.

Bring all your Uni’s, Our launching spot also has many steep paved hills and wide paved flats. I have a 26” Muni for someone to use or a whole bunch of others to just fool around and practice with on street 16”, 20”, 24”, 26”, 28”, (2) Giraffes And a Coker.

Does anyone want to ride a dirt BMX track?
Please let Renie and I know if you are coming so we can feed you.


P.S. Here are a few shots from last ride. The conditions are even better now with the trees in full bloom. You feel like your in the mountains.

daycare 3894.jpg

Some of our riders from last outing!

Great Group

argreenbeltride (10).jpg

I can’t wait!! As per U-Turn I am ordering a motor raptor 700c tire for my Sun. I hope I can get it before this ride. Let me get on the phone right now. N-E-E-D M-O-R-E T-R-A-C-T-I-O-N!!!

do you have to ride a mini cuz all i have is a 20 in trials

Come with or without a wheel

There is great riding for any size and type of wheel. I also have a 26" set up for moderate trail riding and a few others you can borrow. Don’t worry You’ll be happy!
I’m sure some of the other riders would also be happy to let you take a spin on one of theirs. Some bring a trunk full of unicycles.

Its riding you don’t want to miss.


Yea! Long Island! (I grew up in Baldwin back in the day)
Is this place close to any LIRR station? From the LIRR, would it be reachable by taxi? (I live in NYC)
My daughter has a knobby on her unicycle, and I would be into putting my Duro Leopard and long cranks on mine just for this!
Details for the New York Citiers (especially for us ex-Long Islanders!)
Steve aka Dogbowl

hey, would love to see you here! my wife grew up in baldwin too!you can take the train to the hicksville or bethpage station and a taxi from there, we are closer to bethpage but sometimes the weekend trains don’t run that often from that station. let us know if you are confirmed! would love to see the new faces…thanks…


Take the train to Hicksville and then a $6 taxi (at the station) to Adam’s house. I’ve done it quite a few times when I was living in NYC and Brooklyn.

I can’t make this weekends ride as I’ll be riding my uni in the Morristown, NJ Tour de Cure 32-mile ride for diabetes.

I’d love to join you guys on one of your future rides. When is the next ride scheduled?

Great Muni Ride

Thank You Everyone for a great ride.

Jeff and Brian who came from NJ. Both of whom love thier Kris Holm 20" and 24" Muni’s. And they really like to play.

Jeff(shibumi) with his 28" Sun Muni conversion. He’s got Muni down now. Just a few months ago his 28" never touched the dirt.

Then there was Amos, our youngster(53). The man makes 53 look like 35. He rides a variety of Uni’s. For street its a Coker, for Dirt its a choice of a 24" with a Gazzoladi or a 29"er. He also has come a long way.

And there was Tycho and family. Tycho came with his son and daughter. His son road a 24". For a kid living in the city riding for only a year he did extreemly well. His daughter borrowed a mountain bike from me, she never road Muni and did’nt want to start then. Tycho himself had a 26" street which did him just fine.

Attached are pictures.

uni picture.jpg

Pictures I forgot to post

And Tyco’s son did EXREMLY well. Not EXTREEMLY.


More pictures.


More pictures to follow. I need to resize them.

Re: Great Muni Ride

Alas, I can’t do these trips; they look like a good time.

Brian’s on a Scott Bridgman 24" uni, not a KH. See the curved crown and Kookas.

How’s the new tire working, shibumi? I haven’t had a chance to try that one yet.

Re: Re: Great Muni Ride

If you look at the top photo of Jeff? That picture looks like he’s riding towards Adam, but he was riding towards me (with the camera) and did a 180 spin off that log and rode past me backwards. Looked really smooth at the time. Both Jeff and Brian are really good riders.

Dave, you really have to try and make it to one of these rides. As for the Motor Raptor, I haven’t gotten it yet. I was trying so hard to get it for this ride, but I think the bike shop is playing games with me. Actually I’m going to call another shop right now. Also, I’m doing the LBI Unithon, so I really need the original street tire for now.

Hey Adam, when’s the next one? :thinking:

I just want to thank Adam and Renie for inviting us out and opening up their home to us. The refreshments and conversation were top notch. Meeting riders and sharing is what this sport is all about. The riding was fun also and I look forward to everyone coming to NJ where we have mountains and great trails also.

Adam and Renie are the best hosts. They always go all out to make you feel at home.

That sounds like a great ride. I’ll be ready. I just got off the phone with a bike shop and they ordered me a new tire and it’ll be in this friday. Now I am going to have to try some heavy duty mountains with it. The Greenbelt is great, but it’s big hills, not mountains with rock and stuff.

I had a great time riding with you guys and really liked trying out your MUni’s. My next investment will be a KH 24 or 29 I’m still trying to decide. I think the 29" because I like the xcountry fast riding.

Past Long Island Muni Ride(6/4/05)

My pleasure everyone! I will post the next ride within the week.
Anyone looking for a great ride with great people come on down we would love to have you. You won’t be disappointed.