dont know what to build

i want to build a new uni but i dont know what…ive built so many already.

i cant weld so that sets me back otherwise i would make somthing insanely differant.not differant like better than anything but differant than what i’ve seen.

i also saw a 22" Primo high pressure wheelchair tyre today so there has to be a rim out there for it somewhere…?

just some boring jagur thoughts…sorry to waste your tyme.


Have you ever thought of building a BC wheel? You could build up a 24 or 26 inch one. Or how about an ultimate wheel?


yeah,i was thinking of a 700x28 skinny ultimate wheel (this would fit in my KH too if i wanted to put it there.)

the thought of a freestyle uni using the 20x1 1/8th tyre size passed my mind too.

BC Coker

That would be ultimate. Well… not ultimate wheel. But cool.