donde esta la otra rueda?


I was living/studying in Spain, in Salamanca, for the past month (May 18 - June
18) and of course I took my unicycle, so I thought I’d share my uni-related
experiences. :slight_smile:

I lived with a host family, and their reaction to my juggling/unicycling
hobbies was really funny. I was outside demonstrating my skills for a Spanish
friend, and my roommate brought our host parents out on the balcony to watch
me, and my host dad, in the words of my roommate, “was seriously busting a gut.
I thought he was gonna pee his pants.” He thinks I should be in the movies. :wink:
And my host mom said I should go down to the Plaza Mayor and juggle and
unicycle and set out a hat!

I did do some unicycling on the streets with jugglers I met there, who performed
for money. So in a way I have done some busking!! I didn’t keep any of the money
though. I saw quite a few jugglers on the streets, and I always made sure to
talk to every one I saw (in Spanish of course! quite fun!!). The first guy I met
juggled and did devil sticks and was from Portugal. I spent an afternoon
juggling/unicylcing with him on the street and that was a lot of fun. He started
to learn to unicycle and hopes to buy one. I also met a British street juggler
and a group of jugglers from Toledo. Then in the park I ran into a juggler who
attends the University of Salamanca. And last but not least I met another
juggler in a bar. He is German and was in the circus until he was about 6
because his dad used to be a lion tamer. We juggled a candy bar, a pack of
kleenexes and a kinder egg since I didn’t have anything better! :slight_smile:

Riding my uni through the streets earned me quite a bit of attention. Since I’m
American and blonde and a girl and a “tourist” type, I get a lot of attention
even if I’m not on a unicycle. I got plenty of honks, and the same comments I
get everywhere, except in Spanish! Donde esta la otra rueda (where’s the other
wheel) and You’re missing your handle bars, and “payasa!”

  • which means clown. Little kids were fascinated. A little girl who was crying
    in the Plaza stopped when I rode by. Groups of little boys liked to chase me
    down the street, yelling and singing the circus song. One little boy I talked
    to told he could ride, and so I helped him get on mine and he stood on the
    pedals while they were horizontal but he was too short to ride. He looked like
    he knew what he was doing though.

I gave a short spanish presentation about unicycling for one of my classes - an
easy topic to discuss! :slight_smile:

I was in Madrid for a few days before going to Salamanca, and I got to meet my
pen pal Fernando from the unicycling club there, Nasíos pa rulá. ( ) We didn’t do too much unicycling
except for a little bit at 2 in the morning in the hallways of the hotel, but he
showed me the city on his motorcycle and I passed on information about Unicon.
It’s so nice how unicyclists will take the time to meet you and give you a tour
even though we’ve never met and have nothing else in common except unicycing!

I should recount my airport experiences too, since the topic of
traveling-with-unicycles comes up quite frequently. I was all set to walk into
the Minneapolis airport with my uni all together without any bag or box around
it and say 'hi, my name is Jack Halpern, can i please check this unicyle." The
answer I got was No, nothing with pedals. It has to be boxed. They made me take
it apart - luckily I had my tools in my backpack, and so I took off the pedals
and the seat and put them in my back pack, and then I asked them if I could just
carry the wheel on. they said that would be fine. So I took my whole uni as a
carry-on, and that worked out nicely. Gilby even came to meet me at the airport
before I left! Thanks!

hasta luego, Tammy :slight_smile:

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RE: donde esta la otra rueda?

> unicyle." The answer I got was No, nothing with pedals. It has to be boxed.
> They made me take it apart -

Sounds like the folks at the Minneapolis Airport have seen a few unicycles
before… :slight_smile:


RE: donde esta la otra rueda?

>Sounds like the folks at the Minneapolis Airport have seen a few unicycles
>before… :slight_smile:

actually no, the lady said she had never seen anyone try to check a uni. I guess
the TCUC puts them in suitcases!


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