Donations to MUC

I have looked through Tommy Thompson’s Memphis Unicycling Club site but have been unable to find a place to make a cash donation directly. MUC will be hosting NAUCC 2006 and will probably need some extra funds. Could someone point me to the donation link or could Tommy please provide one and post it here? Thanks, and thanks for hosting NAUCC 2006.

This got alot of action. Where’s Tommy when you need him, riding?

Wow… What a nice thing…

I’ll get him…

Donations to for teh NAUCC

I wasn’t ignoring you, Greg. I was trying to communicate with others as to what is the best way to handle donations for the NAUCC. I am so excited to know that others are as committed to the success of this year’s NAUCC as we are here in Memphis.

The Memphis Unicycle Club will gladly accept any donations and ear-mark any monies donated toward the presentation of the NAUCC. However, the Memphis Unicycle Club does not have non-profit status and donations to the MUC can not be deducted from income taxes. However, the Unicycling Society of America is a non-profit.

If the IRS tax deduction is not a driving force, I encourage those interested in making a donation to donate directly to the MUC and making the check / money order payable to: MUC – NAUCC 2006. If the IRS deduction is important then I suggest making a donation to the USA and indicating that the donation be directed to the presentation of the NAUCC 2006.

Mailing addresses are:

Memphis Unicycle Club
1616 Eastmoreland
Memphis Tennessee 38104

Unicycling Society of America, Inc.
P.O. Box 790
North Bend, WA 98045
United States of America

Any financial help will be greatly appreciated and noted in programs and brochures at the NAUCC.

Thanks for bringing this up, Greg!



To my knowledge, donations to the Unicycling Society of Ameria, Inc. aren’t currently tax deductible, either. The organization did not have the required 501©(3) status from the IRS when I was President.


Thanks for the clarification, Tom. I was thinking after my post that I should have noted a disclaimer. I know nothing about taxes or tax deductions. As they say at the end of all of those financial ads, seek professional advice from a trusted advisor.


This was discussed at length at NAUCC 2005 and Tom is correct. This is something that is in the works though, how far or if it has been started is unclear. 501©(3) status would be great to offset rising costs of opperating USA. I would love to make donations as oppossed to paying higher dues. I’m going to donate to something, so why not to an organization that supports us?

Any way to get an easy PayPal donation set up? It sure makes things smoother and spontaneous. I would think this would be desirable for you. I know how much you adhere to the American ideal of instant gratification through financial over-extension. Just a thought. People respond to easy.

Donations to the MUC

There is a PayPal account that has been set up to allow folks to easily purchase the t-shirts, hats and bumper stickers that we use to support our grassroots, youth and community development program.

To make a PayPal donation to the MUC simply send any donation to:

Of course, any donation can be ear-marked for a special use within our club, presentation of the NAUCC or toward one of our many community out-reach projects involving kids and unicycles.

Greg, thanks you for bringing this idea of supporting our club to our uni-community’s attention. To read our vision-mission statement please visit the MUC’s website at:


Good. The PayPal plan is convenient for most. Thanks for hosting this big event. If I make it I want to judge over 50 year old trials so I can kick your sissy tush even if I have to shave points from you.

Donate to these folks. They need money and they need your time as a volunteer.

Definitely a good cause! Thanks Greg for taking an initiative and bringing it to everyone’s attention.

From my perspective, MUC has a huge start on what will be the best NAUCC ever. Lots of MUni, lots of freestyle, lots of racing, lots of hanging out with unicyclists that share your same interests! If you live in North America, you just can’t miss this event. I hope to see you all there.

Team Geezer?- NAUCC 2006

Hey Greg,

Bring it on in the trials department! You and Steve were my inspiration at NAUCC 2003! Since then I’ve been watching you from afar, noting every post and picture posted, emulating your pedal grab (Remember your post two years ago from your trip to the playground in East Tennessee?). Quietly, I’ve been training for this opportunity avenge the feeling of watching you ride and play on the trials course on that beautiful Minneapolis afternoon – while I watched, too freaked-out to even try to ride my, then state of the art, brand new Summit.

Are we going to resurrect our Team Geezer for basketball? My basketball skills have not improved – at all. I’m afraid that I’m still going to be the weak link on team.

How about a Team Geezer hockey team? I’m going to be building a hockey arena just for the NAUCC. I’m even worse at hockey.


Team Geezer Rules. We can’t remember the score or what team we’re on. We randomly leave the court because we forget why we’re out there and think we’re in the way of the other riders. Sponsored by Geritol since 1902, I can’t remember the last time we even lost a game…or practiced. Who else is on that team? I can’t remember.

Donating time or cash to MUC for NAUCC 2006 will be helpful to the club and to Tommy. Tommy has put alot of energy into forming this club and keeping it funded. Let’s help him put on a great nationals this year. And you can visit Graceland, a special shrine in so many ways. I wonder if you can sit on the throne.

Not just Graceland. You can visit Sun Studios, or for the in-depth music afficianado, there’s the STAX museum. Very nice.

Rules for unicyclists visiting Memphis:

No rail grinds on the fence around Elvis’s grave. (The man is buried in his back yard like a pet hamster, y’all.) It makes the Reverent Souls gathered there become violent.

Only the ducks are allowed to play in the big fountain in the Peabody Hotel Lobby. No Trials inside the Peabody.

The huge and bewildering ‘mountain’ sculpture in Mid-America mall? You can ride on that, but only if you don’t get seen by authority figures. Even then, it’s okay sometimes. Ask the skateboarders where it is, they’ll show you.

Mid-America Mall has no motor traffic. Perfect for unicycling and stuff. The Trolleys, however, can sneak up on you. Don’t turn your back on them. The drivers must get awfully bored going in circles, and unicycles must be very tempting.

Mud Island (As seen in the Tom Cruise film ‘The Firm’) is not a made-up place. It’s real, and it’s neat to uni on the scale model of the Mississippi river (“Look, I can jump from Mississippi to Louisiana! Bam!”) Don’t make fun of the name. We already know it’s a goofy name.

The ‘Dancing Water’ fountain on Main Street. Wonderful way to clear the sinuses. Ride on in. Take your cell phone out of your pocket first.

Everyone from the Smokeys or the Rockies… Don’t pooh-pooh our mountain bike trails. We’re in a mighty river delta here, and that’s the best we got. They’re fun, you just gotta work what’s there.

And finally, three big cheers to Tommy Thompson. He’s working his #@$ off for all of us to enjoy this NAUCC. Good man. You’ll see what he’s done when you get here, but some of us see what he’s going through to get it ready for you.

This is going to be fun for everybody - but especially for me!

I can’t wait to see all my uni-buddies here and reunite team Geezer. I look forward to the rematch with the Puerto Ricans in basketball. If I remember correctly, the Puerto Rican basketball team played with us like the Harlem Globetrotters abused “team X.” We Geezers shall be redeemed!


Who is Team Geezer? What does this mean? It’s all very confusing.

All those interested can now make donations to MUC easily through PayPal. They will also be interested in your time that you are willing to donate during the meet. If there is something you would like to do to help organize, let them know as soon as possible. Your time is perhaps worth more than money for an event such as this.

Unicyclers are the best at pulling stuff like this off. Shine, unicycle community.

NAUCC Planning is Continuing

The planning committees are busily putting the pieces of this world-class event together. We had a meeting recently that gave us many new ideas. This thing is going to be huge and hugely fun! I lie awake dreaming of the hockey rink that I’m going to be building just for this event.

See you in Memphis!


We need some Teem Geezer T-Shirts! I’m several more years geezered than last time.

Yes! The Geezers Live!


Team Geezer shirts are an excellent idea! Sign me up!

Long live the Geezers! - I hope.