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Happy New Year to all new members, of which there seem to be many. This site is maintained by Kevin (Gilby) Gilbertson FOR FREE…you are not charged to use it. But you do get to meet unicyclists from all over the world, get unicycling building and repair tips, get advice on unicycle types for different riding terrains, locate local riders and form clubs, web space, e-mail, as well as many other benefits.

There is a “donate” link in the upper, right-hand corner of the page. It is subtle, Gilby is not screaming for donations from you. But keeping the site healthy requires his time and, without donations from the users, he is doing this work gratis. Please be generous and donate to if at all possible.

Thanks for keeping this one of the most user friendly forums available online.

Second that.

Also accessible from the donate page:

[B]Buy Unicycles and Equipment from

Every time you buy stuff from using a link from this site, a portion of the sale will be given to! So, the next time you need unicycle stuff, buy from Unicycle Source and please use our link![/B]

Thanks for the reminder Harper.
What a great Idea. I met Gilby at CMW in Santa Barbara and he is a great guy. Time to help out if you can. I like the paypal link to make a donation. Very quick and easy if you already have a paypal account as many of us do.

where is the link on this site to buy stuff form i’ve never seen it. Also, does it work for regional variants? I’d be happy to buy through this site, if i knew how.

Any thoughts on incentivizing donations?

I had a great one… pay-to-ban! Say, for a $30 donation, you could ban the user of your choice for 30 days?

What about pay-to-kill? Lock a thread for a $1 donation per 10 or 100 posts in the thread? (You know where I’m going with this… we’d hold a marathon to lock MR!)

Of course, if there were a fund drive I’d be happy to participate. Say, for $1k in donations I’d ride down a crowded street in San Francisco wearing swim fins, a pink tu-tu, and a wizard hat, or whatever the community deems appropriate.

Any other ideas?

You omitted the need to add chlorine to the present pool of posters. That was my favorite part of the PM. I might want to “pool” into the flipper and tutu ride in SF as long as it is on one of the long downhills to Fisherman’s Wharf. A giraffe might be a suitable ride.

Done…that was easy. Thanks for the reminder, Greg.

Maestro: brilliant suggestion on the “pay to ban” concept. I’d support that one, even knowing I might one day be a victim of it.

Take plenty of photos.

I’ll pledge $20 to see it happen.

i dont’ like the pay to ban idea
then I would banned
… especially if I make a new ><>uni 4 Christ <>< thread!

How about pay to Ban someone and the banned poster would have to pay bail to get unbanned

Thanks Gilby
Paypals sent

trust me , if i had a a bank acount i would give 20% of all my buscking earning to

Get a money order.

Thanks Gilby for the great service. The money Gilby “makes” from these donations is nowhere near the worth has had over the years for the unicycling community. It also probably doesn’t come close to defraying his costs. So show your thanks and donate!

Gilby, maybe make a “Premium member” or something similar with perks (bigger av, supporter icon, bigger email etc) that are bought for a year at a time. That way you would have a more stable flow of donations, and also a way to increase donations through the use of the bandwagon effect.


Done, took about 7 mouseclicks.
Thanx for the reminder Greg.

I think animated avatars would be a reasonable incentive.
And the pay-to-ban idea sounds like fun, but not for 30days.
That’s a bit harsh, 1day would still fit into my understanding of fun.
As for the pay-to-lock-pick-on-MostReplies-suggestion, we shall not speak of this again.

Thanks to all those who donated!

The problem with that is that it adds a recognition of economic class of those who can afford to donate and those who can’t. Many of the users, such as the kids on this forum, I wouldn’t expect to donate, due to their inability to pay. They are better off putting their money towards unicycles and equipment and then coming here to share their knowledge, which is another way to support this site other than financial. It’s more than just money that makes this site what it is. But having said that, the $250/month server bill does need to somehow be paid.

I wanted to ask for a rough idea of operating costs to get an idea of what would be a ‘decent’ donation.
Is it possible to set-up a regular monthly donation via PAYPALL or do I actually have to remember every month?

I’m curious, what percentage of the “donation” does Amazon take if I do the donation through them?

Is it better or worse than the Paypal transaction fee?

I’m in…thanks.

Thanks for the site, happy to contribute!


PayPal and Amazon charge 2.9% + $0.30.

so back to that pay to ban idea… does that work for threads too?

I know there have been assasination attempts made on most replies but i would pay to knock it out for good (or just move it to the trash room were it belongs)… then we can go head to head with all the MR’s out there to pay to get it back… I see a bidding war