Donate to RSU

Goodness. I’ve been truant from the DONATE button for too long. Oh, there it is, in the upper right hand corner where it’s always been. Thanks, Gilby.

Donate liberally…donate frequently. This is a great forum.


It should be on the right hand side of the dark blue band just below the light blue banner. Nevertheless, it helps just to have you bump the thread.

Nope, it’s been there for quite some time and can be used by all members, no matter where they live.

Shop smart.
Shop Ess-mart.

Greg, thanks for this reminder. I went and did it and boy was it easy. So easy even a kid could do it…

Well if Issaquah, Wa is going to represent… I guess we’ll keep it in the NW.

pretty easy, you’re right.

As any good Socialist would, I am redistributing part of my wealth to benefit the

Every little bit helps, kids! Why not give up your daily Starbucks run and give that $5 to the community that gives selflessly to you every day?

Bump. It works in the UK. And the good thing is, with it being in US$, you put in a big number (which makes you feel smug) and it comes out as a smaller number in GBP (which makes you feel richer than you expected).

Finally I get to use a phrase I saw recently on the rear window of a pickup truck: