Dominant foot

Phil Mason wrote :-

>Mark Olsen referred to a ‘strong foot’ in his last letter. My strong foot is my
>left foot. I mount on it, idle on it and am much better at turning left than
>right. How important (if at all) is it to get rid of this dominance, and become
>equally proficient on my right foot? I ask because I am into juggling, and I am
>having a really hard time doing a basic 3-ball cascade whilst idling. Any ideas
>would be appreciated.
>Phil Mason

I figure you it dosnt matter too much which foot you have down while juggling,
but its still useful to be able to idle on either foot. I’m have hassle with the
kickup at the momment, because I generally prefer to idle left foot down, but
for kicking up I place my right foot on the pedal and kick with my left. This
leaves me idling wrong foot down, which after a dodgy kickup (most of mine are)
dosn’t help the suave sophisticated look I’m after.

Any hints on kickups ?