domain transfer complaints

From the OpenSRS Reseller Update

> 2. Registrar transfer update

> As you may know, we are working with ICANN and the relevant registries
> to ease the transfer of domain names between registrars. This issue will
> only be permanently solved by the development of effective policy by
> ICANN. Tucows is a direct participant in the development of this policy
> and we have every hope that a solution will be in place by the latter
> portion of the first quarter of 2002.
> In support of this goal, we are in the process of gathering relevant
> documentation from affected parties to ensure that there is a clear view
> how resellers, registrants and registrars are affected by the policy
> imposed by Network Solutions and other registrars. To facilitate this,
> we have created a complaint collection form
> The data gathered through this web page
> will be accumulated and forward to the appropriate decision makers at
> various points through the process. We do need your cooperation however.
> Please undertake to fill in this form on behalf of your clients whenever
> possible. Alternatively, you may provide your customers with the website
> address and have them fill in the information for themselves. Please
> note that filling in this form will not guarantee a resolution of the
> specific problems - we can only promise best efforts. Filling in this
> form will however support our policy efforts substantially resulting in
> a resolution that will benefit all of us.