Domain name change: to what?

Rod Wylie (teachndad) has very generously offered to pay for a domain name for the site. We’d love to take him up on this offer and are now asking suggestions for a domain name that’s easy to remember and concisely describes the site.

Our thoughts so far… (my favourite so far)

With the site hosted by Gilby and domain-named :slight_smile: by Rod, it’s becoming very much a community thing which is great!


yeah sounds good, but if u can think of a name thats a bit more creative, that explains that it is extreme unicycling, that’d be a bit better, but “unicycle tips” is still good!!

cant wait for it to be up and running :smiley:

btw, are u gonna be going to the street uni meet in sydney next holidays, that tomsey is organising ??

That would be the Australian rules unicycling. It’s hardcore.
We can call the site Aussie Rules Unicycling Tutorials. ARUT.COM or ARUTUTORIALS.COM :wink:

The info on the site isn’t all about extreme riding. It also has plenty of tips geared to the beginner and I hope they get more and expand in that area. So focusing on the extreme element is not a good idea.

I think something plain like is good enough and would highlight the community nature. No need for a special domain name just to redirect. is great. It’s easy to say and easy to remember which is pretty when you do radio/tv/press interviews.

Less is more.

I cast my vote for - Easy to remember!

Remember, you don’t have to choose between those four, they’re just the ones I had been thinking of.

No, I can’t afford it and don’t ride street at all…but I’m looking forward to seeing all the photos and videos. And I agree with what John said about the site not only being for ‘extreme’ riding.

I’d love more freestyle tips on the site, but I’m no good at freestyle so I can’t make them. If anyone is willing to lend a hand, they’re more than welcome!

Although I think something like would be even easier to remember (some people struggle with sites that don’t have the “www”), was my original intention for the site way back when Peter and I were discussing it in the beginning.

As for more beginner tips, I completely agree. Right up there on the list of projects for the site, I think, is a video version of the content of Klaas Bil’s and my “Leanring to Unicycle” document, maybe with narration instead of text.


If you’re looking for someone to do the voice-over (with an accent that everyone will think is odd), let me know.

its too early in the morning to think about my own cool domain name so i cast my vot for



Tutorials is to hard to spell. If I just spelled it right I am amazed at my spelling abilities. sounds good.

I vote for this

unicycle tips sounds good so does unicycle tutorials. either one of those id say. glad to hear its coming back up.

Already taken. I’d hate to see what you would have to pay to get that! is mad easy and short

Here are some I just came up with in a few minutes. seems the easiest to use, but like someone said, I think it would be better if it had some pizazz. I need more time to come up with some more.

Preferrably, It needs to be easy to remember and spell.

Please keep them coming.


I’d say either or I don’t really like all that one wheel stuff.

I think you should go with, its easy to remember and its descriptive.

never mind x uni is taken is not taken tho

Hows about ?
Unicycletips is good too though…

What is the x for? I think the name should describe what the site is about.