Dolomiti Muni ride

Hi all!
A couple of weeks ago…
The first birthday of “Dolomiti Unicyclist”, an italian unicycle group, devoted to Muni…
(the video is available also in HD…)


It’s always cool to see some many people with unicycles :stuck_out_tongue:

youtube detected copyrighted music that has been blocked in the US… Can you post the video somewhere else?

wow, that was really enjoyable video, looks like a lot of fun, that headcam parts were supercool, enjoyed it all :slight_smile:

That was fun. It’s great when a pile of unicycles show up anywhere.

The sound and music worked for me.

Looks like a fun time:)

Tons of fun to watch. If the trails weren’t so wet, it’d get me out and riding right now.

I’m with GamesAreUs, it’s pretty amazing to see so many unicyclist grouped together like that!

Happy trails!