dolomites epic tour 2017

Hi friends!
I’m happy to share with you my last creation!
Our sumemr holiday, 9 days of riding the Dolomites.
Endless epic moments…
If you’re ready, you have ten minutes and preferably a big screen, this is the video!

Ciao belli
Nicola and Natascia


Thank you for sharing,



Thanks to you!

I want to live where you live!

Come when you want! I host unicyclists…
And interestingly my next uni trip will be in your emishpere… :slight_smile:

Amazing! Epic indeed!

That was fabulous! I only got a taste of the area when we were there for Unicon in 2012…

Thank you! Also the weather was epic, and that was the thing that scared me most!

Uh! Thank you John! Why?
It’s also because of you if I’m a unicyclist! When I started unicycling, your epic website ( was an endless resource for me, where I learned what “Muni” means, about Muni weekends, ecc ecc… :slight_smile:

That’s great! Just for you, I’ve mostly left it exactly as it was… like a museum! :stuck_out_tongue:

But the Photo Albums section still gets the occasional updates. Just posted my pictures from NAUCC 2017 and the Alaska cruise we went on afterward. Enjoy!

Yesterday night I did a full tour of the museum, with the pleasure of walking in a well known museum…