Doing Some Modifacations

okay so i need help on how to do this .

  1. make the kh seat skinnyer
  2. what kind of pedals should i buy(i ride street)
  3. touch up paint (is there some special prosess?)
  4. my wheels kinda wobaly and my spoks pop what should i do?

Hope this all helps

  1. Pull off the cover and use a saw blade(i used a hack saw blade) or other cutter and cut off however much foam you want. Then when you like the way it looks put the cover back on. If you dont have a KH fusion seat then a staple gun with come in handy for putting the old cover back on.

  2. Its mostly a matter of preference but i like my Jim C’s

  3. Sorry cant help ya there

  4. Take it to the LBS and get them to true and tension the wheel properly should cost ya about $30

thanks for the advice but where could i buy jim c’s

You can buy them at

yeah i kinda figured that but i live in canada and i dont like to pay custom charges oh yeah and i got a standard seat so how do i make it skinnyer?

Im not sure where to get Jim C’s in Canada…i got mine from a BMXer buddy of mine and he got his off Danscomp. Check your lbs and ask if they can order them for you.

With the standard seat the mod is the same…But you have to pull the old staples out with pliers and use a staple gun to put the cover back on.

A electric carving knife works great on the saddle foam.
Scratches add uniqueness to a unicycle
Go to your local bike shop and have them retention your spokes. It should cost about $25.