Doing drops with cotterless

So, tonight I bought a Yuni 24" Muni with a Gazzaloddi tire. The thing is that it has cotterless hub/cranks. Just wondering what the limitations are when doing drops. I figure I cant do huge drops. I bent my LX axle trying an 18" drop with 170mm cranks (I weigh 170lbs). I am assuming that the Chromoly UDC hub is a little stronger than my torker.

I figured down the road I can upgrade to the profile or something… I just wanted that fat tire for now.


I have a sun 20-inch, the rounded frame, so its one of the older classic model.

I have been using that to do trials and riding while my trials is waiting for its new frame, but I have done up to 3 foot drops, nothing is bent, and no creaking at all. A good technique will save you a lot, keep your landings smooth, with a rollout, and you can manage some big drop. I wouldnt want to go anything higher than 4 feet though.

I also weight 170+ so I have experince with what forces youll be putting on your uni.

I’ve been riding my muni with UDC cr-mo hub for a couple of years with no problems. I’m not into big drops, but the trails round here are very rocky so it gets a fair amount of abuse. The biggest actual “drops” I ride off are probably no more than 18" or so, but the rocky trails are like repeated 3 or 4" drops continuously. I ride it to work quite a bit (10 miles each way cross-country), so it’s done a fair few miles.
I reckon they’re plenty strong enough if you make sure the cranks are nice and tight and don’t do any silly massive drops.
I weigh about 12 stone (168lbs).


hey Jerrick
I’ve got the same uni as you. I’m running a 1.95 tire with a stock seat for trials. What is your set up and do you know how big of a tire will fit in the frame?

I bust my muni cotterless hub after a year of riding and doing nothing bigger than 2ft, however it probably took hundreds of 1ft drops during that time, and I weigh 14 stone and probably had bad technique back then.

Was that the new type or the old type? I don’t know how you can tell, but I remember Roger mentioning something about a change to the hubs to make them stronger, around the time I bought mine.


It was before the introduction of the UDC wide cromo, which I believe is significantly stronger, and is the standard for UDC unis now. The newer hubs are black and have CrMo hub printd on them, the old hubs were silver.

Right, I didn’t know it was that obvious :roll_eyes: Mine’s a black one, so presumably the newer type. Seems to be pretty strong.


when i bought my unicycle with cotterless hub the guy i bought it off said if you land properly you could do up to 1 - 1.5 metres if i landed it properly. ive done many drops over a metre and i found that nothing has screwed up so far.

When riding MUni, often you’ll drop to a slope. Your unicycle will probably handle that just fine, but you can destroy your cranks and/or hub with one good drop to flat.

Ive done 1-2 fott drops on both of my cotterless setups and only the trials one bent a bit…But i weigh 230lbs so it was bound to happen…As long as you have a good rollout it should last you a while.