Doing a Demo for a crowd (peeps in the crowd are NOT uni'rs)

I forgot to mention this about a demo i was involved in a few weeks back…
Don’t perform tricks for unicyclists, perform them for the crowd.

I was doing a demo with the Sarnia Unipsyco’s (most have dual London/Sarnia memberships) and here are some of the biggest tricks…

hopping onto a car

gapping to a car from a platform

huge gaps

huge drops

You know what the crowd loved the most? (based on audience cheering and ooh’s and oh’s)

riders skipping in a 10 - 15 rope held by rope spinning people at each end.

The skipping got the biggest crowd reaction by far.

weird, eh? They don’t care that you just did a 3 foot gap instead of a 4 foot gap, especially if it took several attempts.

If you are performing for a crowd, don’t picture it as performing for a crowd who knows anything about the complexity of the tricks. Do a 3 foot gap if you are going to take 3 or 4 times to successfully pull off the 4 footer.

the people in the crowd are not unicyclists, and they don’t want to watch you attempting something (unless it ends in catasrophe)

kinda weird that they dont know
its weird cuz all unicyclists know about how hard it is to do some of those tricks
yet simple ones get the most applause

hehe, today I was riding downtown past some teenage girls, and they yelled, ‘do a trick do a trick!!’ it was crowded, so I couldn’t do anything. one of them yelled, ‘hop!’ so I did a very small rolling hop, barely leaving Earth at all, and they totally freaked out and thought I was the most amazing thing in the world. teenage girls are fun, but they can be very annoyingly stupid sometimes. (:

oh yeah, I was riding back from lunch with some of my freinds who don’t uni, and they told me to go up a curb. I did, thinking it wasn’t that impressive. The reaction? “Whoah! Did that just HAPPEN?!”

it was cool.

My experience has been that hopping up a curb is considered cooler than backwards or one-footed riding. It’s depressing that a skill that took a few hours to learn is so much more appreciated than ones that took several weeks to learn well. We need uni-appreciation classes in schools. :wink:

by far the most impressive trick ever, to non-unicyclists is riding a girrafe, or to be more impressive a flaming giraffe.

It’s jsut liek with juggling, juggling fire isn’t that much fun, and it’s no harder than juggling clubs, but if you want bills in the hat you gotta use fire (or knives, even if they are nicely weighted, easy for juggling knives)

Gigada, gigada, gigada. (If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand.)

yeah, it’s a comedic quagmire

It’s the same with devilsticking and juggling. Even diablo. They just want you to throw it higher or do more numbers. They don’t care if you know 100 3 ball tricks or if you are passing and throwing in tricks left and right. Pass clubs around someone and just throw your devil sticks and diablo really high and that’s all they want. Easy and flashy beats technical every day.

That and fire and knives. If you can’t get hurt, they don’t care.

You’re right about the jump rope bit.

They do love jumps over humans though! Be sure your jumper has a 100% success rate.

The basic rule of performing: keep it simple, do it well.

Flat land showing off

Yeah hard to please a crowd. Even tricks as 180 flips, or 360’s don’t seem to get as much lovin as jumping a person. oh well. Kinda useful this was too, My friends and I rip in the parade everyyear. So yeah we’ve learned what the crowd likes to see. Laters

Shaun Johanneson

Yea I’ve always really wanted to ride for a crowd. Unifreak7 have u ever done a 720 unispin for a crowd? I’m sure they’d like that. I find random people are most impressed by a ww.

quagmire… haha

When showing people stuff i can do riding seat on stomach is the most impressive by far… but i hate doing it… its so stupid…


man that’s suprising, I’ve only been unicycling for a couple months and I can’t hop a car but I can hop a curb, so crowd pleasing is a lot closer than I anticipated.

Flaming giraffe? Yes. Non-flaming giraffe? No, unless it’s at least 10’ (3m) tall. I’ve been saying this here for years. If you want them to wet their pants, jump rope! :slight_smile:

But if you want your picture in the paper, ride a really tall one. Not only are you visibly more striking (better for a photo), generally you’re a nice slow-moving target that’s easier to photograph!

If your goal is to entertain, it pays to know what the crowd likes. Unlike what someone else mentioned, it is not hard to please a crowd, but it usually takes some practice to find out what the crowd likes. Or you can believe what you read in places like this…

Too true. With a diabolo, all you have to do is heave it as high as possible. This gets a great reaction, but your diabolo act will be really short!

Yes and no. A non-juggling audience is never going to be able to understand you are throwing passes with both hands, or care. But if you have a good 100-trick 3-ball routine, it can kill. This is exteremely unlikely to work in a parade though, as the scale of the venue is much too big. Nobody can see what you’re doing, unless you go close up to them. Then the people on the other side of the street will miss it…