Doing a 70 mi loop in Bakersfield, Ca this weekend

Any Coker riders near Bakersfield? I’m going to be doing a 70 mile loop this weekend, trying to get ready to do 100 miles by the end of the summer. The path description is here:

As nearly as I can tell, this is a winding path through town. If anyone knows the area and would like to propose a similar length path nearby, I’m open to it.

I will probably try to start out early in the morning on Saturday, unless someone contacts me and would prefer to ride Sunday.

Would have posted sooner, but I just made up my mind that this was what I wanted to do for the weekend :slight_smile:

I rode the bike path out and back last year when I had to go to Bakersfield for work. It was pretty boring–very flat and not much to look at other than the oil fields. Hopefully you have short cranks.

Be careful on the two lane country roads in the Central Valley. They can be pretty scary when there are large trucks or aggressive drivers.

Good luck!

you should stop by kingsburg and ride with me. pm me for my cell phone number.
hopefully see you soon,

Wound up being closer to 65 miles by my odometer. It was a mostly flat ride, with mostly orchards for scenery. There was a total of 800’ of climb. Because of the lack of shade, I now have some extreme sunburn on my calfs.

It was a good ride, though, and it easily became the longest ride that I’ve done in one day (topping 35 miles in 1 trip and 52 miles in 24 hours). I felt like I could have done a bit more riding when I was done, so I think 100 miles is within my grasp before too long.

The biggest problem I had was that my tail wound up a bit bruised. I’ve been using the standard Coker seat, but I don’t know that I want to keep using it if there is a more comfortable option out there. Any suggestions?