Dogs love MUni

I went on a fun little evening ride the other day, with my dog. She loves MUni, and she was very well behaved on this ride. Any other dogs out there that love MUni?

She likes the veiw of your 29er better than the mountain.

I haven’t had a dog for a while :frowning:

I find my dogs love muni rides because its like a hike to them…Great excersize and attention…But I found others dogs…for some reason always hate my uni…They are fine when I dissmount, but when im riding they bark like mad!

My dog, Ellie, comes along on most of my muni rides because Upper Bidwell Park, with its 30 or so miles of singletrack, allows dogs off leash. When I ride elsewhere, I have to leave her home, and it pretty much devastates her. And yes, she knows when I’m going for a ride–the clothes, I suppose, give her away.

She’s mostly a good trail dog, although she sometimes will get in the way (usually of whoever is behind me, as she tends to stick pretty close to my tire). I often hear my riding buddy saying “Excuse me, Ellie,” which is far more polite than the “Get the hell outta my way!” that I say when she’s in my way.

She’s a great motivator for me to ride, because she gets so excited when we ride, and so disappointed when we don’t get out enough.


Ursula also loves muni. Especially snow Muni!

I’ve been attacked by dogs more than once while riding Muni, I’ve ridden with a dog’s jaws locked around my shin. I don’t know why they hate unicycles so much.

I always find it amazing when cyclists have dogs - it just seems so utterly contradictory. [RANT] Dogs attack cyclists (and almost anything else, but cyclists in particular). Or even if they don’t actually aggressively attack, their “charming behaviour” involves charging straight at you, barking and attempting to shove their noses through your spokes. The things are a menace and should be banned. Or perhaps there could be “dog areas” like there are smoking areas. But dog owners, like smokers, can’t see the problem. [/RANT]



Most responsible dog owners have their dogs on a leash when in crowded public areas. I am more of a cat person myself, but would never support a ban on dogs just because they can react “inconveniently” to certain things.

I have only had one awkward dog+unicycle experience so far. I was passing by a local café on my muni when I suddenly heard a lot of barking behind me. I didn’t think much of it as I figured the owner had the dog on a leash. She didn’t, and the dog came running after me. Since I didn’t want to risk getting the (small) dog stuck in my wheel I got off the uni and gave the dog a friendly invitation to say hello. It didn’t come any closer, but as soon as I was off the uni it stopped barking and stood still.

Figuring that the dog would return to its owner (who was still sitting about 10m away) I got back on the uni and continued on my way. The dog started barking and chasing me as soon as I started riding and I stepped off again after only a couple of meters. When the dog owner (finally) came running she apologized and mentioned that it hated skateboards, in-line skates etc.

If she knew this, why would she let the dog off its leash while sitting outside a café in one of the busiest parts of the town? :thinking:

Conclusion: Dogs are rarely the problem, the owners are.

The same could be (and is) said about guns :wink:

Anyway, sorry Mike for ranting on your thread! Some nice pictures, if you ignore the dogs. I only clicked on the thread because it was yours and I was expecting some of your superb photos, not really to have a moan about dogs :o


My girlfriend is getting a new dog in the house soon. I have already gotten her (the girlfriend, not the bitch :D) little brother started on unicycling and my girlfriend is going to learn this summer. With a bit of luck and solid helpings of care that dog will grow up to like unicycles :slight_smile:

PS! Comparing dogs to guns is not a good way of getting your point across :wink:

When i read the title of the thread i immediately thought of…

Dog + Mountain unicycle = Doggy-cycle. :smiley:

Sorry, but it though it was funny and tried to picture the 2 together. :stuck_out_tongue:

I often take our dog Ruthie along on my muni rides. Like pkittle’s dog, she always knows when I’m getting ready to ride, or when my wife’s getting suited up to run. She runs to the door and literally bounces around waiting.

I just started taking my dogs with me on local muni rides. I’ve got two dogs and I only take one at a time (on leash). What I found really interesting is how my two dogs each seem to have varying opinions on what muni is. My high-energy dog thinks going out for muni is a job (albeit a job he loves). He always stays a few feet back, ears down like he’s going off on a hunt with the big-dog (me). He’s very serious about our muni outings. My other dog thinks going out for muni is play. Ears up… he gallops in front of me sometimes or hangs back until he feels some pressure on the leash. They both surprised me at how fast they learned not to get in front of the wheel and to keep an eye on me for sudden changes in direction.

I’ve also been chased down by dogs who’s owners have no control over them. Thankfully this has never happened when I’m with my own dogs. On three occasions, I’ve had dogs grab hold of my ankle while I try to out-ride them. In each case, my KH Dog Armour saved me from bite wounds.

Buster on the trail.

The muni is lifting its leg on the tree and Buster isn’t. That situation doesn’t seem right. I suspect that you have actually transfered Buster’s brain into the muni and the muni’s brain into Buster. That explains why the muni can run and jump so well.

This past weekend I was riding back to my car after a 2 hour MUni ride when I was approached by an older dog that had wandered away from its older owner. The dog never barked but walked right in front of my wheel so I dismounted. The dog walked around behind me and start biting at the leg of my pants. Of course the woman yells, “he won’t hurt you, he just wants to interact with you”, as the dog continued chewing on my pants leg. I managed to get the wheel between me and the dog then walked away slowly.


I too get rather unsettled when I encounter dogs on rides, despite the fact that most of them don’t seem to mind.

It’s the occasional bad one that charges at me; I usually dismount in plenty of time and try to be friendly, and don’t remount until well after the dog is out of my sight.

It happens a lot less in the countryside than it does in urban areas.

W/ unicyclists, cyclists, skateboarders, etc. a couple of the reasons why dogs chase after and bark at them are: 1 they are moving and activate their prey instincts; 2, they don’t seem normal and therefore a potential threat.

Mailmen are a bit more extreme example of this. Not only do they look weird w/ a large hump on their sides, but they are trying to “break in” and the dogs successfully “deter the intruder”, reinforcing the habbit.

I read of a guy who’s dog always tried to attack the mailman through the mail slot in the door. Later he became a mailman and although the dog acted strangely at for a while, when he started, when he had his sack of mail. After a while the dog got used to it and acted no differently. His dog still barked at their mailman, although not as feverishly.

When I had a dog he would try to attack the mail as it was coming through the slot. I started disciplining him when I caught him in the act. After a while he did it less.

My MUni buddy

lets see your riding buddys here, my little guy, Paco, is a runner. she loves running that single trak!