Dogbone air pillow

Can someone who has (or has access to) a dogbone air pillow provide me the
dimensions? How long from end-to-end? How wide in the middle? How wide at
the widest part of the ends?



sure i can do that,let me go out to the garage for a minute :roll_eyes: back in 5min

this will all be in centimeters:while laying long and flat

overall lenth:55cm

width in the middle:10cm

width on each end:15cm

this is measured from a purple one bought from last year.

now for the tricky part,the size in the middle when its folded over on itself is 8cm,so it accualy tapers in so its skinny like a seat is in the middle…

so this is what it would measure if it was laying from left to right:

15cm 8cm 10cm 8cm 15cm
then folded
15cm 8cm 10cm

final product(folded over for dbl.layer) being 15cm in the back,8cm in the middle and 10cm in the front…