Dog thing seat

Me and my mate were inspired to create a fur seat and well it turned into a dog :stuck_out_tongue: . Its awesome!!

Photo’s Here:

looks more like a platypus to me…or a yeti.
whatever it is, its cool!!
gives your unicycle a lot of personality.

Maybe we should go into production with velo :roll_eyes:

Hahaha, nice…it looks like a platypus! It looks like it’s being squashed with the eyes popping out like that. :slight_smile:


It would look really funny when you sit on it. Also I think it looks more like a sasquatch.

there are a few pics in the gallery of ben siting on it :smiley:

A seat drag in back would make it look like the poor dog has worms or an itchy butt.

It would be better if you did it on a carpet.

Its Awesome Isaac MY KH 04 Is Nicely OutFitted With This Nice Dog/Platapus/Yeti THing :smiley: