Dog bone pillows for air saddle?

Hello, I’m in the middle of making an air seat out of a velo, and am wondering if it is worth using a dog bone pillow for the airtube

Is it easier to form a tube within the seat? The ‘other’ way is quite a chore to get just right. Are they easy to set up?

I’ve made two airseats, one with no dog bone pillow and the other with. I found that the pillow was more of a hassle in the assembly process and wasn’t any more or less comfortable then the airseat without. If I were you, I’d ditch the dogbone and just use a tube given the shape of the Viscount saddle.

yeah,the dog bone blows.i use a 12" tube and then wrap it in duck tape so it keeps its shape.

I’ve found what works best for me is to tape the 12" innertube to the saddle using duct tape. Once you get the tube shaped and taped exactly the way you want it, use a razor blade to cut the duct tape about 1 inch below the tube. Remove the tube from the saddle, then wrap the tube with duct tape to help it maintain the proper shape. Deflate the tube slightly, install the cover and re-inflate the tube to the proper firmness :smiley: :smiley:

You can also use a few strips of tape to help hold the tube in place on the saddle before you install the cover to be sure that it doesn’t slip

Thanks everyone, actually, KK, I used your exact technique, and it turned out to be perfect!

I hope you took pictures. Air pillow designs like that need to be documented and photographed and put in a gallery.

Alas, the camera was in the car…

I’m one cover short of redoing another old velo, I will document that, now that I know that it turns out as good as it does

if i used more words would it have then been my technique?

The Leather Saddle Cover on my MUni is so tall the only way I could contain the tube was with the dog bone cover.

What kind of cover are you using on the Velo? Is it the Velo cover or something like leather or Roach?

I tried different styles of taping, and the technique described above yielded the most desirable result, but we can call it your technique :smiley:

You just mentioned taping the tube, not taping the tube to the saddle base.

Thank you F_Y_L and KK for the one two punch.

oh i feel better now…:o

i might as well mention the only bad thing about the duct tape method too.the bad side is when the tube goes bad,its not possible to patch it and requires buying and taping a new one.this is another reason to have the foam on top.if the tube blows without the foam in there its a long painful ride back to where-ever.

i just hope the KH seats get lighter and stonger some day.air seats while comfy,can be a pain in just about every way except your ay ess ess.