Dog assisted muni

Spring is finally coming to the Midwest, and yesterday I took my newest family member riding. She’s a year old rescue pitbull. From the first moment on the trail, she seemed to know exactly what I wanted of her. She slowed when I said easy, went hard when I said go, and stopped when I UPD’d. The extra pull was awesome, and I used the leash like a ski rope behind a boat. We made better time than I do alone, and it was nice having a buddy with me for once. Maybe she’s just well suited for this activity, but she really required no training before we were off and running. Her pace was even a good match. Anyone else taking their dogs out riding? It was definitely fun, and worth doing again.

This is one of my goals

Nice going. Actually this is one of my goals to build up my technique and confidence and take my dog Cosmo. So am glad to read your post.
For the past couple of years Cosmo (A Spoodle he is 6 years and a bit crazy) has joined me on my extra long skateboard rides several times a Week.
I have been unicyling now for about 5 months and can’t wait to try him out on this too… Plus wanting to prove all my doubters wrong by doing this and I guess show off a little as well. Not only this, but its a win / win for dog and rider. Best of luck with your ongoing uni towing adventures with yours. Jimmy

I haven’t had the guts to let my dog pull me, as she’s a crazy black lab that I skijor with in the winter, and she will PULL if given the chance. (We’ve clocked in at 20 mph on the flats on skis.) However, I do ride with her all the time - even on leash around the neighborhood.

She totally gets it. When I UPD, she knows that’s her time to sniff around or check out the world while I sort myself out. As soon as I get in position to mount, she starts paying attention and gets off to the side, and then once I’m up, she runs right with me, pacing me the whole time. She loves it.

If you think you get noticed on a unicycle, try unicycling while walking your dog on leash. You’d think you grew a second head or something. :roll_eyes:

Glad you found a fun activity for your new pooch. You two will have a blast together!

I took my dog out today with the uni for first time in a couple of months, it’s been a long winter here in New England. I stick to easier, wider trails rather than single-track when riding with the dog. She runs slightly ahead, off to my left with very little pulling. As you pointed out, the pace seems to be a good match and we can cover more ground than when I simply take her for a walk. I’m currently riding a 24" muni and I’m thinking about getting a 29" specifically for walking the dog. I like the idea of a slightly quicker pace and being able to roll over roots and other obstacles more easily when riding with the dog. I’d be interested in hearing what others ride for a wheel size when with their dogs on leash.

I take my Labs out on the trails with the Muni all the time. Never considered keeping them on the lead though…that sounds like madness as mine pull like huskies. Oscar always waits for me to start to mount before resting his tennis ball directly in front of my wheel. He does, however, get out of the way before I subsequently UPD on my face.


It’s a great way to kill two birds will one stone. You both get exercise. I do it daily and we both love it. I keep her on the lead. People here don’t accept dogs off lead in public.