Does your equipment affect your riding?

I came back from riding and… god do I suck! my riding skills have completly deteriorated… I used tu jump benches in a snap and now I can barely get on the stupid bench!

I later noticed that my wheel is tilting to the left. My dumb 20" Norco did get really abused during the summer and was broken and refixed 5 times already. (not to mention the stupid plastic pedals I was meaning to get rid of but never got around to and the stupid ever-spinnig saddle)

Is it really the uni or am I just a bad carpenter blaming it on its tools?

I plan on getting a 20" or 24" Onza anyways…

Re: Does your equipment affect your riding?

No, it’s the uni. I had a Norco like that once too.


I HATE my Norco!!!

Oh, your talking about the Unicycle. I thought you were talking about my “equipment” affecting my riding. I was going to say it sure does, if it isn’t adjusted just right, I can barely ride at all. :smiley: