does carry cokers anymore?

I just checked and did a search for Coker unicycle and got nothing. I looked under commuter tires and no items are found. What’s the deal? I already have a Coker so I’m not looking to buy but was just wondering. Later, gator.


I think there’ve been some other threads on this recently - I suspect it’s because of the plans to bring out a new Coker though (which are taking longer than originally thought).

But the one in the US had there own version of a coker, it had a custom kovachi wheel and it was a nice one, I was going to get it but then they took it down, what happened to that one?

I think UDC are also updating their lines at the moment - I saw this mentioned in another thread. No details are currently available on the new setups. It may be possible to get a uni made up from parts if they have them though - that’s what I did (from UDC UK). are indeed bringing out a new 36" unicycle but will still be stocking the current UDC 36 and the Qu Ax 36 and of course the Coker Big one.

I have ridden the prototype of the latest version of the UDC 36 and it is a beast, the frame is completely new and different and as far as I am aware it will be available with or without a distance handle.

If you want a 36 before they arrive (should be available before the end of the month) them to have a custom built 36 with airfoil rim, old style frame, stainless spokes will cost you just under £300 depending on the wheelbuilding cost.

This information is only relevant in the UK however so I am not sure about any other branches of UDC.


The Australian and NZ branches of UDC no longer carry Cokers. The postage costs to our corner of the world made them ridiculously expensive and there are now better 36" unicycles available at a much better price. We stock the UDC 36".

So if I am looking to buy a Coker tire/tube for backups…since I will be going on tour in 5 months…where would I be able to buy them?

Anyone know where the best place to get tires/tubes for backups if I live in the U.S.?

Try bedford, I emailed him yesterday but he hasn’t gotten back yet, I will post here once he does though.

Darren has his own coker. I think it’s the same as a real Coker, with Darren’s stickers on it, but with exchange and shipping it should work out the same. He also generally includes a Kris Holm’s Fusion with the 36.

Just got a reply, he says that he is sold on and there is no date on when he will be back in stock, so I guess we just have to wait it out.