Does UDC USA only use UPS?

because i was thinking that for smaller things(pedals, Cranks, Hubs, Pedal Protectors,Spokes) they could cut shipping costs by using USPS priority mail

Or they could just charge actual shipping costs.

I ordered bearing adapters, they are small and weigh next to nothing. From UDC, they mailed it USPS, $4.72 shipping. I had asked for the least expensive shipping method in my order request.

I think their site software has (had?) a bug on those lightweight items so your can’t get the shipping cost. I wish they’d fix that.

Except they don’t have any of those little elves to put the products into the boxes, create or buy the boxes, provide the packing materials, seal them up and label them. Those costs can be folded into the product cost, or into the shipping/handling cost, but they can’t be ignored.

proiority mail is a scam. my dad is a mial runner for usps where u drive mail from post offices to sorting place in detriot and priority mail is just ina bag that get thrown into the bin with the rest of the mail. it just get sorted first in that bin

YEah I hear ya, but AE bikes is dirt cheap on shipping compared to udc. Cullin told me they have the lowest shipping rates and that makes their customer’s (me included) happy!:slight_smile:

i just ordered some petal protectors and wasn’t changed shipping so i gues that means that UDC used usps

pedal protector price includes shipping.

Shipping is the cost of the bag they use plus many, many stamps (total of 89 cents in stamps). I just got pedal protectors.