Does UDC still have the Onza tire?

This is probably a stupid question, but their site only features the Creepy Crawler as the standard replacement tire.

What’s funny is that the tire in the picture is the Luna trials.

Anyways, I ordered an Onza through my bikeshop that should come in in a day or two, and when I checked on my order they said everything went through fine. They’ve called my house before when they said uni(dot)com couldn’t get me what I wanted. Hope I don’t get a surprise.

I always thought that the Maxxis tire was second-rate for unicycles because of the thin sidewalls.

Am I wrong?


if its a maxxis creepi crawler, that a great tire for trials, very very good. But i haven’t heard any bad things about Maxxis tires, they aren’t bad at all./

if that is a Luna, it wouldnt be the 1st time the pic dont match the product discribed.

anyone got a pic of the Maxxis

Dont get the maxxis, it sucks hard, i got my brand new one a week and a half ago, and now parts are cracking off and some parts are wearing scarly fast.

Cracking off? If that is the case then send it back, that should never happen with a tire.

I have the Maxxis Creepy Crawler and personally I am happy with it. The sidewalls while not as stiff as the Monty Black wall tire are still fairly stiff and the compound of the tire is extremely grippy. This does cause the tire to wear down a bit faster than the Luna or Monty. Overall I deffenatlly prefer it to the Monty Whiteline or the Luna as I love the way the tire rebound feels on sidehops.

Personally I want to try Monty’s new yellow line tires (I dont know their official name) as well as the dual compound Onza

I like the creepy crawler. It has good grip and wears well. I’ve ridden it a ton on my new onza trials and it still has the little grippies on each tred. I expected it to be a softer rubber and wear faster. It does fold a bit when I do side hops over two feet. But I think that’s from low tube pressure.

It’s true, I’ve seen this. It’s starts to crack up and shit. Also, the tire seems like it’s plastic or something, it’s pretty crazy.


seems like we need some pictures please!

no the tire seems to be rubber to me.

I have a maxxis, no pics, as it’s not doing anything funny? It’s wearing down alright, but just give it a little twist and use a new bit (the bottom was completely worn down), I used to have a luna and I thought it was pretty sucky, the maxxis has way better grip, I’d advise it to anyone. I always thought the luna was second-rate… :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the Maxxis like for pre-hops?

The Luna has been good to me for very close to a year. I’ve rotated it so that the wear has been pretty even.

I already ride my tire at a higher pressure: anywhere from 29-31psi. Harder to compress=better hop height when using a prehop (of which I can already go 30+ inches WITHOUT a prehop anyway).

I’ve thrown all kinds of abuse to it. Never had any problems.

MERCYME, this has nothing to do with the thread. But I saw you where from philly, so I was just curious if you have ridden in Love Park?

Peace, simon