does this uni have a splinted crank/hub? just want to make sure that these cranks are decent before i buy this uni.

The word is splined, although splinted is strangely appropriate.

And no it doesn’t, read the very bottom of the description:

"Note: Wheel rated to 10-inch drops for riders weighing 150 pounds or less.

I would not get that unicycle, it’s nice, but the hub and cranks are square taper.

You can get the Qu-Ax cross ISIS splined or the Torker DX for about the same price, both are much stronger. The Qu-Ax Cross is light, the DX is a lot heavier but the cranks should be stronger.

or just get the nimbus ISIS trials w/ KH cranks for $307 i think.

that would be one beast of a uni…

It certainly is.