Does this make sense?

A giraffe with a small wheel is fun but a giraffe with a large wheel sounds better, lets say a 36" wheel with a total 6 foot with wheel and seat. I did a search and I could not find anything.

bigwheel giraffe.bmp (631 KB)

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Last summer I built a giraffe with a 28" wheel. Unfortunatly I had it geared so it would have ridden like a 43" wheel, at that point I couldn’t ride it, though I took some nasty falls off of it.

I have built a giraffe with a 20" wheel greared so it rides something like a 33" wheel unicycle would.

I’m sure a true 36" wheel giraffe unicycle would be possible to ride but rather terrifying to fall off of.

kind of like this but with bigger wheel

uniman.bmp (393 KB)

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