Does this happen to you?

When ever I ride it seems (just seams I dont know for sure) that my tire is getting flatter bit by bit.

I just wanted to know if this happens to anyone else or if i should just get a new tube. (It’s already been punctured once) which i fixed, maybe a little unsuccessfully.

Well, I’m pretty sure it’s happening to everyone, it’s just the rate that varies. The air pressure inside the tube is much higher than that on the outside, so some air will want to get out. It will find tiny little cracks and will use them to escape. I think some may even diffuse through the walls of the tube, but I’m not too sure.

I usually pump my tyre every two weeks or so. I like to keep it at low pressure.

im talking about having to pump it after every 2-3 hours

and you really do seem to get inside all of my threads don’t you.

Every 2-3 hours probably means a bad inner tube.

And I’m all over the place here.

well to fix that ill buy a new one.

Probably needs it anyway, ive already had it for 2 WHOLE weeks


Edit: Get a new tube, you cheap bastard!

Yes its true

Evan did ride over a inconspiguous thumb tack that just happened to be exactly where he was aiming to ride…

but in other words i think ill buy a new tube (he ows me one for my birthday)

(and you too Reef)

are you going to take that from him reef?

Hey what about cracks in your tire, because my friends unicycle has a lot of cracks in it from wear down, i have one, so i rotated the wheel.

yeh slow puncture. make sure you carefully feel and look round inside the tyre for anything rough or sharp that might puncture the new tube aswell. also if you arent a weight saving freak you can cut up the old tube and use it to line the inside of the tire to improve future puncture resistance.

just spend a while with a prk and a bucket of water and fix it!

when you can get a tube for £2 it’s hardly worth the time and effort.

is in my opinion

what did i do???

no im not. i think i may kill him.
its a new uni btw.

umm, what exactly was the point in that?

Slow punctures are sometimes worse, could well be a dodgey valve which is unfixable. My coker has a slow at the moment associated with valve damage but it only needs pumping about once a week, so I’m leaving it for now.

Why not get an extra tube so if things do get worse, you could change it on the spot instead going to the shop and paying for 1 and then coming home to replace it. :smiley:

£2 is what, $4? It takes me about 10 minutes to properly patch a tube (find the hole, rough the surface, apply rubber cement, cut out a patch, wait for cement to partially cure, apply patch, presto you just saved £2)

In terms of £/hour thats like working for £12/h and most of that time is waiting for the glue to get tacky, not to bad eh?


there’s also the risk of accidentally nicking the tube when refitting or missing another hole, leading to another 30-40 minutes of work to dissasemble and find the hole. And that assumes it’s not a slow, several day puncture which is very hard to find or that the rubber cement hasnt gone hard since the last puncture repair…plus im kinda lazy and fairly well off at the moment. i will fix punctures in the middle of nowhere or if i happen to have the whole afternoon free or something.