Does this frame fit on a 19" trials wheel?

I’m probably gonna be getting this frame. Will a 19 inch trials rim fit on it? Does any one use this frame? Thanks!

Probably yes, but that frame is not knee-friendly. If you love stand-up tricks then of course it shouldn’t be that big problem but for trials that’s not the best frame design.

EDIT: Yes, i have used that frame (black version) and replaced it with KH one after couple of months.

yes it will. I have ridden one and your knees will hate you for a while.

Thanks for the answers guys! Do you know of any other 19" trials frame that costs $75 dollars or under? (that doesn’t have the pointed crown thing).
This design is better but i don’t really know about your exhange rates… Perhaps it’s available in the US as well. You could also try finding some frame second hand through these forums and the trading post!

That frame is $75 on UDC US but it’s out of stock