Does the private lounge exist?

Is it so private that it’s impossible to find?


We had to close it, since it was full of old unicycle spare parts. Maybe we need to do a spring cleaning.

Honestly: I have no clue what is meant by that. But yes, it is possible to create Categories, that are only visible to users with certain criteria, e.g. Trust Level.


Unless it’s an actual private lounge at Unicon 2022! :wink: :smile:

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This is a default, private category in Discourse. I removed it when I upgraded the forum because I didn’t see the point of it (for this community at least). But it remains in the trust level description, I should rewrite it.

For what it’s worth, The “Lounge” is even almost never used on the official Discourse forum either, though it can benefit some other communities…

edit: I removed the Lounge reference from the forum texts.

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In my experience that kind of place only really gets used for moderation discussion, which seems very clear cut here. It’s either spam, or it’s not. Everyone’s pretty respectful.

There’s no need for a gated community of active members that I can see.