does the ISIS really make that much of a difference?

I’m planning on buying a nimbus 29’’, and I saw that they came out with a new ISIS variant which is about $20 more. Is this worth it, and would it really help all that much, since most people don’t usually do a lot of crazy “high stress” stuff on a 29?

ISIS one:

Im not sure… But since its only $20 more, it seems like a good deal :smiley:
I think there is a lot of stress when you go fast… Im not sure though

nah, there is less stress when you go fast.

square tapers suck though… i’m sure you know this already. the ISIS hub should be incredibly strong, and have more good cranks for choosing with less chance of stripping/wearing out anything.

Well I mean like starting and stopping, it seems like it would put twisting stress on it :thinking:

not NEARLY enough to damage anything unless you weigh like 250# and slam the cranks as hard as possible when stopping.

The ISIS hub to crank interface is just far superior to the cotterless design. Sure its stronger but its also less likely to have a crank loosen or strip out which in time can and will happen. For $20 it is certainly worth the upgrade in my opinion, no question about it.

Get the splined model

I would go with the ISIS model since the difrence is so minor especaly now that you can get QU-AX freestyle cranks for cheep in a good variety of lengths.

I have had square taper cranks get loose after a few good falls on pavement

sounds good, guys. Thanks for all the replies

I’d go splined. I work in a bike shop and I’ve seen people even bring in town and trail bikes that arn’t even that old with rounded cotterless’. I’d say it’s worth it for that little amount of money.

yea i would go for isis. those just stay on a lot better.

ISIS is the way forward, fairly soon all UDC nimbus unicycles except the 36ers will have UDC ISIS hubs. BUying in to old technology at this point would seem silly, especially for so little money.

I bent a Shimano Square Taper bottom bracket last week with really cheap aluminum cranks.

I’m not 100% sure if the cranks are good still, but I know for sure the bottom bracket is toast now, quite a bend in it.

All this from jumping a 3 set of stairs… with a good soft landing too.