does spraypainting a hub hold up?

Any idea on how spray painting a hub would hold up to Muni and trials. I want to spray paint my hub, but I think it will look crappy after a while, because it might scratch too easily.

I have seen spray painted frames, and they just look to raunchy after a while cuz of all the dumpin. Especially at the tops of the fork.

the inside of the flangles will look fine, and continue to do so for quite some time. however, the outside of the flanges on the pedal grab side might start to look iffy. other than that they look fine.

Use a permanent marker. Or crayons.

Re: does spraypainting a hub hold up?

You mean like this?

the fact that your painting over chrome doesnt help at all…

If that were the actual paint scheme it would be really cool. :slight_smile:

I spray painted the widened Suzue hub on my Coker. I painted it black to match the black frame. So far it has held up fine. No nicks and no chips. It looks great.

A more durable option would be to send the hub to Darren Bedford and have him get it powder coated. I was considering that option, but I didn’t have the patience to wait. I wanted my wheel built ASAP so I did the quickest option and spray painted it.

the key to spray paint is climate.make sure it is hot,like 85 degrees or more for best results.dont scimp on the primer before and dont forget the clear coat after…