Does riding a uni, make a person stronger in the kegels?

I’m not trying to be funny…it is an honest question.

I don’t ride uni’s but so far, 4 of my kids do. Kegel exercises help reduce urinary incontinence, and help keep the reproductive organs in good shape. And a few other benefits.

Any health benefits or side effects that you know of, from riding uni’s?



What do you mean, African or European kegels?

Sorry, had to.

Are we talking coconuts?

Ordianary kegels don’t have the wingspan, but African kegels…

Ohhh, you mean those kind of kegels :o

Well, if you are urinating while riding, starting and stopping, which is how you do kegels, I suppose unicycling and kegels could go together, but I’m thinking the wet seat and crotch are gonna be yucky, not to mention that smell…

No, uni does not work your pelvic floor in the same way that kegels do, wrong abdominal muscle group.

But it’s good to see you thinking :wink:

Does anyone who doesn’t have “those kind of problems” really do kegels on a regular basis? If so, man that is some dedication!

Ok so that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in week- thank you!

Re: other health benefits - I’m soon to be a unigeezer and started riding again after a 30+ year hiatus. I can say after only a month back at it my core or abs, if you prefer, are getting a solid work out every ride. Five+ mile walks with my dog which used to be exhausting are no big deal. Unis are a great mid to lower body workout … Add push-ups before and after a ride with juggling 12 shot-put balls while riding - you’ve got a total body work out

I’m trying to imagine someone juggling 12 shot put balls standing still, let alone while riding a unicycle! :astonished: “Total body workout” is an understatement!

I think riding a uni is great exercise. When I ride a bicycle with my wife, after 8 or 10 miles I feel the same as after about a mile or so on the unicycle.

But as far as reproductive organ health goes, I don’t know. If anything, it may make things worse, due to the nature of the unicycle seat. Bicycle seats have been implicated in long-term prostate damage, and uni seats are not normally much better, from what I’ve seen. (The center channel was introduced to improve this situation.) The “flattened” seats are an improvement, but I think there is still a ways to go with the whole design of the thing. Personally, I like getting off and walking about a bit every few miles. Gets the blood going down there, and keeps from getting numb. I think this may improve over time.

Just my opinion. “Your mileage may vary.”

I keep having babies, so I don’t think it has affected my reproductive health negatively, at least for the amount I ride. Probably if you start riding distance and do it often it would start causing some problems.

Uni works my core more than any other sport that I’ve done. All the twisting and torquing I do to maintain control (esp w/ Muni) stimulates my bowels. I can’t hold it as long when on a uni.

Urinary seems to have the opposite effect. Soon after getting off I have to go bad.

I think almost anything where u move your midsection a lot is good for ur digestive system. A while ago I was looking at a yoga book for ailments and for stuff affecting the midsection, the exercises and stretches suggested involved contorting it in a bunch of ways, way more so than any other ailment.