Does my unicycle need tuning?

I am learning to ride my son’s and daughters unicycles. I can ride around the block on my sons without too much trouble but when I ride my daughters, it feels like it wants to always turn to the left. My daughter makes the same comment. My question is, can the unicycle be possibly in need of some adjustment? Both bikes are Trials.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Richmond Hill, Ontario

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Assuming you meant both are trials unicycles this could be anything from a crooked seat, a bent frame to bent cranks or pedals.

Spellphemy! That must be what you call it when you spell blasphemy wrong…

  1. Check to see that the cycle is properly assembled, and everything is lined up.
  2. Depending on your unicycle’s design, it’s possible for the spacers to be wrong so the wheel might not be centered in the frame. Check for this.
  3. Damage, or a poor wheel build may leave you with a crooked wheel. Bad build might have it “dished” to one side. That is, the centerline of the tire doesn’t line up with the centerline of the hub.
  4. You’re always riding on the left side of a cambered road (try the other side).
  5. It’s all in your mind. In the event of multiple people noticing the same problem, it’s called mass-hysteria. :slight_smile:

#1 and 2 are the most likely. Also you can try turning the seat around and riding it backwards for a while. See if it pulls to the right then. Just remember to put it back later, or your pedals will start unscrewing and chewing up their threads.

I think I will try turning the seat around this weekend and seeing if the problem persists. Thanks for the other ideas.

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Had a feeling it was spelled wrong, thanks for the correction-phemy!

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Is the tire pressure and seat post height the same in both? Trials tires can be squirely at low pressure. Too low of seat can also change the dynamic on how you ride.