Does my Coker BO have a Serial Number?

I’m looking to register my Coker, but I can’t find the serial number for the life of me. I’ve checked on everything that I haven’t replaced, that means the pedals, frame, rim, tire and seatpost.

Does it even have one?

The only uni’s that I know of that carry serial #'s are Torker brand Unicycles.

And Norco giraffes from the 70’s! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never seen a serial number on my Coker, I haven’t really looked for it but none of my unicycles have serial number. I wish my Triton had one, but if it ever gets stolen I guess it would be pretty easy to know it’s mine…

Unicycle Model Year

So if there is no serial number on a unicycle, how do we know what model year we are purchasing.

Chances are, if you buy a uni in January it will be a left over from last year’s production line. I see posts in these forums all the time about small changes to the KH designs, for example, and references to the model year. Who really knows? We only know the year we bought it from a dealer or even the factory.


I’ve had this issue where I’ve been told I was buying the current year KH seat post and it turned out that it was the prior year’s model. I could tell in this case because there were visual cue to the change. But otherwise it is not only hard for the buyer to tell but it may also be an innocent mistake from the seller. I strongly feel that some means should be used so that the buyer can verify that they bought what they ordered.

More importantly:

Does my Coker have BO?