Does Kris Holm ride a Kris Holm Unicycle?

I was just curious because it seems I have seen him in videos riding other unis (I don’t blame him, who would want to be stuck riding any one brand or model) and I was wondering if he rode KH for the most part when doing muni riding and trials.


Yeah, from what I know, those were probably older videos might have been the old school kh’s. He does changes and things like that for product development, I think, heard him speaking about a handle on the 36er.

Yes. Seen him several times, always riding KHs.

I think things that don’t look like a KH, like the New World Disorder clip on youtube etc. are from before the KH brand existed when everyone was riding hacked together munis from whatever parts they could get, or from the early days of KH when they weren’t blue.


Dm and hunter stuff. Maybe.

To place yourself well in the market you have to know your competitors, so I would assume he tries out other people’s stuff, perhaps not in public though. Also I would imagine he’s always trying out new prtototype stuff which might not necessarily be KH branded. And yes of course in the old videos he’s on profile hub etc.

When I rode with him he was riding a brand new KH08 with maggies and spooner… Lucky:(

Admit it - you haven’t got a clue.

Why did you bother posting?

Thanks for the replies. I was just curious. I thought the age of the video might have had something to do with it.

Wouldn’t any unicycle owned by Kris Holm be a Kris Holm unicycle?

Guruni finds your words to be very wise.

I think Kris started out with a Schwinn, like many of us who learned to ride in the 80s. When he came to his first unicycle convention (California MUni Weekend '98 he was riding something custom, which was having technical issues with the hub. Later he had a DM ATU, which he tacoed spectacularly in one of the videos out there (landing a little crooked after going down a steep stair railing). Also during that time he rode Norcos (his sponsor) and other prototypes and “test” models. If you ride with Kris today, it’s likely he will be riding stuff that’s also being tested.

So yes, informed.consumer, he did have a DM though I’m not sure if he ever had his own Hunter.

When the new model KH products come out, Kris is probably working on, and thinking about the next generation of those products…

Unless maybe he is thinking, how can we stretch out the improvements so that people have to upgrade every year, just like Microsoft. Hold back on technology so that you can sell the old model, otherwise it won’t be profitable if you release the best stuff all at once. How do you know what he is thinking? Speculation… Or mind reading?

I remember hearing about him trying out some K1 stuff a while back, so I’m sure he tries other brands as well as his own.

But yeah most of the stuff where you will see him riding something else, is from back in the day, pre KH. Mostly 26" stuff too!

That’s really a pretty offensive allegation to make about someone you’ve never met, who’s a personal friend to a lot of people on this forum.

It is not that offensive. Since when is business not about making money? KH can not continue product development without a steady stream of money- or else he would need another job. It makes sense (and dollars) to release small improvements every year rather than wait a few years and release them all in one go.

… like being a geologist. :slight_smile:

Kris Holm already has another job.

I highly doubt Kris stretches out improvements. He has his unicycle and his team all riding. From his experience and what he sees and hears from other riders, he takes that into consideration, which usually mean only a small thing being tweaked here and there, then after working on it, testing it a lot, he releases it.

Like the latest KH frame being thicker around the crown. Do you really think he already had that made way before flat was a big style, and was thinking “Well, flatland is small right now, so im not going to give this product out. So lets give them this older model and let them use it and rake it, and wait for the best time to release this new frame to get the most sales.”?

KH already said how he does his unicycle business and searching ill bring that up plenty of times. Or you can talk to him and personally get your information.

I don’t think Kris has to artificially hold stuff back, it takes ages for things to come through from the original idea. I know the ISIS hub was first designed well over a year before they sorted all the manufacturing.

When you meet him or Roger D, they always have some new little doodad or prototype part or whatever that they’re working on.


Kris doesn’t seem to hold stuff back- he releases it and the market is the research team which helps make the improvements for next years model. That way he can get hundreds more riding hours done on the equipment by lots of people rather than relying on testing everything himself in his spare time. Or maybe that is just how it seems because what he is holding back is being held back. There is the secret KH Handle…With all that secrecy it had better be good! If only intellectual property rights could be used for the benefit of everyone instead of everyone claiming ownership of ideas and wanting money for them.

There are always secrets and rumors :wink: You may have seen the handle already… or you dont.