does it get easier?

been riding about 3 months total but didn’t ride again until 2 weeks ago and I like it seems like im not progessing too fast, turns mounting help would be cool anyone here from utah slc area?

the more you ride, the easyer it gets. I don’t ride too often, hence I’m not progressing fast :roll_eyes:

edit: welcome to the fourms

it took me about 5 months… not straight i took lots of like 1-2 week breaks. the important thing is to remember not to get mad and when you do… put the uni away and come back later.

It took me 2 months, averaging 5 hrs a week. I’m always challenging my self, so it hasn’t gotten easier:p I still can’t freemount :(, I have some paralysis in my legs though, so everyting is taking me longer and some stuff I just can’t do.

I’ve been riding about 5 months. For me I always pushed pretty hard to learn new things, then when I get frustrated I take a break and do the things I could do that were easier (not many in the beginning). I pushed pretty hard from about 2 months to 4 months, I’d say that was the hardest time for me and things didn’t seem to progress much, I had many really frustrated days. Alot of times I forced myself to go out and ride because it wasn’t really fun. Just keep your head down (figuratively) and push through it, you will break on through to the other side. Take breaks, but don’t give up :slight_smile:

To stay motivated, I focused on the possitive. I kept on trying things that made it a tinny bit harder. For me that was hold onto the seat, close one eye, ride too much or little air for the terrain, hold onto the seat w/ one or both hands, and try to ride real fast or slow along my practice rail.

Every day I could do something better than the day before.

It only gets easier when you want it to. Myself, I like to keep it challenging. After barely learning how to ride I started practicing rolling hops and hop twists. Then backwards riding and so on. Now I do 360 unispins and body varials. I could leave it at that and keep it easy, but I won’t. I’m gonna learn crankflips, 540 unispins and smallspins(plan for now). Then, when I can do those, I’ll start on something else.

The only thing that gets easier is dealing with pain. You just learn to ignore it. In the beginning every pedal bite is a lot of ouchy-ouch. After a while you just say “whatever” and try again. And again. And again and again and again. And then some more.

Unicyclists are insane.

I do know the feeling of being discouraged but i am slowly getting better I actually mounted yesterday once with no help yeehaw! I have an old schwinn 24" and have heard that 20" is better to learn on. I’ll try it and just learn to ride both the best i can maybe one day I’ll be a “pro”?

Maybe more variety

If you get a 20, try learning to idle and ride backwards while watching movies inside.
Buy a 36. It is almost like a different sport, riding the 36 across town vs riding a 20 across the yard. Sightseeing and changing uni’s adds variety. I don’t think it is lack of progress that stops people riding so much as lack of fun. Try changing things up. As long as you ride you will improve, so focus on having a good time.:slight_smile:

deff the more you ride the better you’ll get.

just unicycling around the nieghborhood and walking trails is now like second nature to me. i actually did 13 miles without dismount a few days ago :smiley:

but the more you use certain skills the easier they will become.

and if you have someone else to ride with im sure that would give you alot more motivation.

The one thing I tell my riding buddies most when they ask me how to get better at riding: hours.

You gotta put time in. And don’t worry, different riders progress at different paces.

ive discovered my seatpost was way too short ordered a new one and boy what a diference I can freemount, turn, and I can now make it around the block (don’t laugh) better get back to it maybe i’ll learn something new.

make sure you keep the old